Telemarketing Campaigns
You may have the most expensive cars in the world but you need fuel to run them. Similarly, you may have the best of resources to run your marketing campaigns but you need data to fuel the same. Having quality data in your hand before you implement your marketing strategies is a blessing. Be it email marketing, mail marketing, telemarketing and or other online and offline marketing campaigns, data essentially helps you in saving your resources and increasing campaign response rate, conversions and the overall returns on investments.

Telemarketing and Its Biggest Challenge

Now let’s talk about telemarketing! In recent years, technological developments in the telecommunication and IP telephony sectors have paved the way for telemarketers to take advantage of cheaper yet faster communication applications. However, the main challenges for telemarketers are the legal boundaries that have been set around the process due to a certain section of fraudulent telemarketers who are bypassing the law to make quick gains.

Though there are challenges, telemarketing has been one of the highly used marketing channels by most marketers across the world. The best ways to achieve success in your telemarketing campaigns is to use the right data, respect the laws governed by your state and to respect the citizens’ choice to not receive any marketing calls.

Insights, Not Just Data!

Good quality data always saves you from unnecessary embarrassments and wastage of time and resources. In the age of personalization where people are flooded with devices and are communicating with brands over multiple devices and touch-points, it is important to have additional insights to guide you in approaching your prospects. Good quality data will not just mean having access to phone numbers and names of certain prospects but to also know if they are the probable buyers or users of your products and services. The information such as demographics, size of the business, job role, scale of operations and more enables telemarketers to determine the right targets for your campaigns and design the best strategy to approach them.

Procuring the Right Data

You may either build or buy your telemarketing database. If you have been constantly collecting data of your existing and potential customers, you may get the same appended and use for your telemarketing campaigns. Alternatively, you may choose to buy a telephone database from a reliable data vendor. However, be careful in selecting your data partners as there are many fraudulent companies operating in the marketing data segment. Practice due diligence and choose the database vendor who best understands your requirements and delivers insights to boost your marketing campaigns.

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