Email Appending

B2B Email Append Services

Email Appending is one of few Blue Mail Media niche services that ensure your ability to communicate with your B2B customers by providing their email addresses. Most business email addresses unlike personal or consumer email addresses adheres to naming convention standard set by the IT group of a company. Blue Mail Media refers to the company’s domain/URL and their naming convention while creating valid email addresses for your database.

Standardized Blue Mail Media Email enhancement process

We follow a transparent, standardized procedure for email appending:

1 – Hygiene and Optimization: Once we receive the file, we first start by optimizing all details including company name, also removing duplicate records and apply standard address hygiene.

2 – Match and Generation: Email appending identifies the domain name of your contact’s company and naming convention (first name. last name) is determined by referring to our unique matching algorithms of databases that are updated after each project.

3 – Validation and Verification: After generating email address we send a confirmation email to confirm the email accuracy or allowing the recipient to opt out to maintain quality.

4 – File for Download: Once completed, the file is ready for download with deliverable email addresses attached. Therefore, email appending completes the overall process of email enhancement in one go.

We are different for we not only match records from stale databases; rather use a technology solution to append new email list each time we start a project. Explore our world of limitless boundaries for better results at

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