Email Appending Services

Email Appending Service is the on-demand marketing practice that involves taking prospects data such as first name, last name, postal address, or other information and matching it against our repository to obtain the right deliverable email addresses.

If you own a database that is of high significance for your business but consisting of obsolete email addresses in it, send such records to us. We can help you fill the missing gaps in your database with our email append services. With a massive in-house database of millions of executives all over the globe, our email appending services offers 25-35% match rates and provides email information of multiple titles from SMBs to leading companies.

We understand the necessity of B2B marketing repository with the accurate email addresses in it. So, we provide you with the highly sophisticated email appending service that revamp your current database in less time and lets you target the right leads at the right time. Blue Mail Media purges every error that’s stopping you from achieving the desired outcome. We append most suitable email addresses that guarantee high sales rate as well as higher ROI than you anticipate.

Different Email Appending Services We Provide:

  • Customer Email Appending Services: This service uses the customer’s name, location, phone numbers, social media profiles and other details to append the email addresses.
  • Business Email Appending Service: Matching companies name, revenue, business email, social media profile and additional business information to identify the right email addresses.
  • Reverse Email Appending Service: You can get details about prospects such as their name, phone numbers, postal addresses, social media profile, business email and more by using existing email address.

Our appended emails gives the 25% – 35% match rates for the existing email addresses. With the sophisticated tools and processes, we identify the real-time delivery status of existing emails and append the verified records if it’s undeliverable. Moreover, we also help you locate postal addresses and other details of prospects using their existing email addresses. With our reverse email appending services, you will not only save time and investment cost but also resources for managing the customer’s data.

Steps Used in Email Appending Process

  • Send us the data that needs to undergo email appending service
  • We match these email data precisely with our database
  • We find the respective email address and verify it
  • We will return validated email list of your prospects

Email Appending Services

Email database of current and potential B2B customers is the lifeline for email marketing campaigns. With more data, you can increase the chances of gaining more leads and thereby higher revenue. Especially with the more accurate B2B email addresses, you can easily achieve the desired result.

Our email append services will help you in this area by adding the missing data. With our appending services, businesses can network efficiently with sellers, dealers, and mutual potential collaborators. It acts as a bridge from product testing to reaching out to clients for driving more traffic to the company’s website.

Email append offers multiple benefits for organizations and not just limited in scope in leveraging client data. Grab the opportunity offered by email append services to grow the customer base, expand market presence, improve ROI, and more.

Benefits of Choosing Our Email Appending Services

  • Targeted Data: Blue Mail Media gathers data from reliable databases for appending consumer email addresses as per your target audience.
  • Accurate Performance: Our email optimization services comprises a state-by-state report with the number of accounts searched and found.
  • Latest Data: Our team updates the database and adds new verified email addresses regularly to help you reach the prospects through email marketing.
  • On-Time Delivery: Our email append services is highly specific with the priority of timeliness.

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    Lance Rogers, Consultant