NetSuite Customers List

Do you sell to companies who use NetSuite? Do you have a product that aliens works with NetSuite? If yes, then check NetSuite Customers List at Blue Mail Media. We’ll assist you in finding the ideal prospects for your technology product or service if you buy a NetSuite Customers List from us.

NetSuite, a solution trusted by more than 40,000 enterprises, has proved beneficial in swiftly and efficiently entering new markets. It is ideal for fast-growing enterprises of any size, job, sector, or software.

The premier cloud-based ERP supplier is intended to assist multinational organizations in meeting their regulations, complicated features, and legislative and tax obligations.

When generating creative and cutting-edge solutions, you should not disregard data concerning your prospective clients. Otherwise, it will be impossible to avoid losing a considerable ROI.

    Some of Our Most Valuable Clients

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    List of Companies Using NetSuite

    To get a better picture of its client base, here is a list of companies using HubSpot

    Company Website Country Revenue ($) Company Size
    Moroch Holdings,Inc. United States 50-100M 5000-1000
    Zendesk Inc. United States 200-1000M 1000-5000
    Confidential Records,Inc. United States <1M 1-10
    Finn Partners,Inc. United States 50-100M 500-1000
    Channel Advisor United States 100-200M 500-1000
    DWA Media United States 1-5M 500-1000
    Hertzbatch & Company United States 1-5M 10-50
    Primary Arms United States 10-20M 50-200
    Zev Technologies United States 1-10M 50-100

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      NetSuite Market Share

      NetSuite has a 7.2 percent market share within the Enterprise Applications sector, with 27,064 organizations utilizing it.


      Enterprise Applications Market Share
      NetSuite 7.16
      Zoho 37.72
      Microsoft Dynamics 16.36
      PeopleSoft 8.35
      NetSuite Market Share

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      Industry Netsuite Users
      Computer Software 4,943
      Information Technology & Services 1,837
      Retail 1,215
      Hospital and Healthcare 1,008
      Wholesale 851
      Financial Services 777
      Computer Hardware 644
      Marketing and Advertising 546
      Construction 533
      Non-profit Organization Management 511

      Custom Lists at Blue Mail Media

      NetSuite is most commonly seen in the United States in the Computer Software business. Businesses most frequently employ NetSuite with 10-50 people and $1 million to $10 million in revenue.

      Top Countries Using NetSuite

      Country Companies using NetSuite
      United States 19,132
      United Kingdom 1,564
      Canada 1,119
      Australia 983
      India 379
      France 249
      Germany 185
      Netherlands 180
      New Zealand 179
      Singapore 152

      Companies that Use NetSuite Based Upon Business Size

      Employee Number NetSuite Customers
      1-10 3,497
      11-50 7,971
      51-200 6,990
      201-500 2,775
      501-1000 1,441
      1001-5000 1,492
      5001-10,000 475
      >10,001 860

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      FAQs :

      Q1. How reliable is your data?

      Our email lists are incredibly reliable, with an accuracy and delivery rate of more than 95%.

      Q2. How frequently do you refresh your client list & how can we be sure that your content is secure?

      Every 90 days, our efficient data staff analyzes and approves the database. We safeguard our data by adhering to the highest security requirements. We have taken every precaution to prevent unauthorized access to our critical data.

      Q3. With your list, can we reach clients all around the world?

      Yes. Using our customer list, you may reach out to people all around the world.


      Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales