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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction to Blue Mail Media’s Services

This privacy policy is part of Blue Mail Media’s efforts to help deliver its promises and quality services. We encourage all our customers, site visitors, and clients to read the Privacy Policy before using the resources on our website. All terms such as “we”, “us”, “ours” defined herein shall be ascribed to Blue Mail Media. This Policy may be amended to accommodate changes and users are requested to stay updated by referring this policy from time to time.

Blue Mail Media’s Privacy Policy is an instrument to educate its site visitors and clients regarding the practices and measures taken to handle your data. Our Privacy Policy does not endorse any services required by the users. To understand more about our services visit, https://www.bluemailmedia.com/

The information aggregated by us is sourced from affiliates such as networks, and online partners. We also source data directly from clients.

2. The Type of Data We Handle

Blue Mail Media collects data from various touch points such as applications, business-facing brands, B2B directories, etc. Data shall also be aggregated from public records and census archives. Part of the data we collect and use is deemed as Personal Information. The Personal Information is referred to name, postal address, telephone number or email address. Additionally, our services utilize and disclose business-to-business data acquired via publications, public directories, subscriptions, surveys, and filings.

Blue Mail Media may also collect information from members visiting our website,

https://www.bluemailmedia.com/ What Data We Collect From Our Website

Blue Mail Media is a business-to-business service provider, and data may be gathered from the users of its services. We collect the following information:

Personal Information:

The personal information is collected to improve the quality of service delivered by us. Specifically to manage your account, offer services, sending email communications, responding to user inquiries, and sending marketing updates regarding our services. The Personal Information collected may be from sources such as our website, newsletter signups, events, services, and request or download information.

Personal Information shall be used to offer tailored results by analyzing how you use our services.

Non-Personal Information:

Users who visit our website may sign up or prefer not submit information. However, Blue Mail Media collects information from all visitors. Such information may be limited to:

  • The variant of Operating System and browser used by the user to explore our website followed by a time stamp.
  • The IP address (to uniquely identify the device and the geographical location of the user)
  • URL referral information and clickstream data of the user that helps us identify the original platform used by you to reach us.
  • The page access and clicks registered from the user. Also, the duration a user has viewed an item of interest may also be collected.
  • The online identifier such as Cookies downloaded by the users that allow us uniquely to identify the user behavior on our site.

By accepting cookies, Blue Mail Media may target or retarget the users with relevant content that may influence the users to become our customers. Additionally, we may consolidate other information including Personal Information to help us serve you better.

Blue Mail Media prioritizes commitment towards customer satisfaction. Hence, we assure every user the right to unsubscribe or opt-out from receiving any corporate emails or campaign contents from us.

Note: Unsubscribing from our services may make you ineligible for any service benefits from Blue Mail Media. However, we may retain some Personal Information as a measure to comply with law enforcement, resolving disputes, investigative purposes, troubleshooting snags, or to effectuate agreements and policies.

After unsubscribing, you may receive email communication related to usage of services and transactions from Blue Mail Media.

4. Working With Third-Party And Information Sharing Policy

  • We may share user’s data, including some Personal Information with our business partners and service providers working on our behalf to fulfill the needs our customers.
  • Blue Mail Media may assist clients on their behalf by sending out campaigns, analysis, or evaluating performance to streamline the future operations. We may send media, or emails to facilitate the process.
  • Blue Mail Media may share Personal Information with its Partners who cater services to the marketers using their in-house applications and service channels.
  • Blue Mail Media may divulge information to the law enforcement if disclosure is mandatory. All our activities are in agreement with the laws of the nation, state, and region. We consider it as our responsibility to respond to the warrants served by the authority.
  • We may disclose information if there is a need to protect the rights and assets of Blue Mail Media.
  • Our team shall use the information submitted by you on our website for marketing purposes such as sending newsletters, service promotion, and events associated with our business. All campaigns by Blue Mail Media will provide a feature to unsubscribe (located in the footer of email), should the user feel the content received by him or her is irrelevant or unnecessary.

5. Cookies

This section is to educate users regarding the Cookies Policy adopted by our partners and us.

Cookies help us deliver tailored pages that are unique to each client. Cookies are small text files that seek the user’s permission every time our site is accessed; these files are meant to hold information about user’s online behavior on respective sites. Cookies automatically save sign-in credentials so that the user need not fill them manually upon every visit. It also stores other relevant information to help users benefit from the personalized browsing experience.

You may choose to configure the browser to alert you when a cookie is sent to you. You may accept or refuse (all or certain) cookies. However, you may not benefit from  thorough experience offered by our website.

Blue Mail Media works with third parties to make services more accessible and efficient. Our partners may have Cookie Policy that may have a varied tracking policy and expiry date. We have no authority over terms of third party policy and it is not covered under this Policy.  Users are advised to refer to the provisions of the third party before accepting or denying the cookies.

6. Your Choices and Opt-Out Rights

Opting out of our services is simple, and the link is provided at the footer of every email. To unsubscribe from our services, please send us an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Present address
By providing us this information, we can quickly terminate all our services, direct emails and campaigns from reaching you.

7. Security of Data

Blue Mail Media prioritizes the safety of every user information it collects from users. Our data security specialists sweep the databases regularly to ensure the protection of your Personal Information. We also take extra measures (physically and electronically) to keep your data safe and limit access to authorized members in the hierarchy. Our firewalls are configured to prevent breach, or modification of data.

8. Data Protection

Blue Mail Media has strict policies in place regarding the protection and use of your data that allows you to benefit from us. We adhere to the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Anti-Spam law.

GDPR protects the data belonging to EU citizens and residents. It covers companies outside of the EU that offer goods or services to EU Data Subjects. CCPA grants California consumers with robust data privacy rights and control over their Personal Information (PI). If you want to remove the details from our database, kindly fill up the removal request form.

9. Disclaimer

By accepting to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you also acknowledge that any external links visited from our website shall be at your own risk. Blue Mail Media does not promote any external links you may find on our website.

10. Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions regarding the use of Blue Mail Media’s services, reach us at:

Privacy Officer

Blue Mail Media Inc.

1640 Highland Falls Dr, Ste #302, Leander, Texas 78641

EMAIL: [email protected]

Last Updated: December 2nd , 2020

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