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Targeted and relevant data is a dream of every B2B marketer today. The cause is on the rise as people continue to change their place of stay, telephone numbers, and companies. Worn out data not only increases ineffectiveness but can also affect your reputation within customers. So what is the panacea of this ailment? – Trusted Data Appending Services.

As a marketer, you will need more than just the users email or phone number. Blue Mail Media’s human and AI backed data append caters to your need by providing accurate and authentic data that has the power to boost your campaign result quickly. It brings all the data together, from various sources around the globe. Our team compares and verifies this append data with our in-house database to provide you with the right details.

What is Data Appending?

A data appending is a process of adding or appending new data elements into an existing database. For instance, data append takes the customer files and matches it against the large repository of business data to find the missing data fields such as users email, contact number, etc., and then adds it to the original file. These appended B2B data defines the performance of your campaign by letting you connect with the relevant customers at the right time.

We Offer Various Data Append Solution

As one of the prominent B2B solution providers, we are known for providing the high-quality data appending services. Our team of experienced data analysts and researches employ sophisticated tools and technologies to offer you the cleanest records possible. Our B2B data append solutions consists of following services:

“Now You Can Minimize Risks and Maximize Profitability with Our Data Appending Services”

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How Our Data Appending Services Help You?

Data Appending Challenges

We understand that accurate customer data is crucial for the business as it helps them carry out prospecting, sales and marketing successfully. However, the inaccuracies and the missing records of potential clients make your prospecting task harder. Some of the challenges are:

  • Unable to reach your potential customers
  • Decreased campaign response rates
  • The database covered with invalid, duplicate, and inaccurate data
  • Complexities involved in bringing down the marketing campaign costs
  • Increased investment and data management cost
  • Weakens the relationship with customers
  • Reduced conversion rate because of erroneous record

Our data appending is the most reliable process to fill the missing customer data found in your database. With our appending process, you will not just save time, but also cost and resources required to manage your data. Other benefits of availing our data appending services includes:

  • No more missing contact information
  • You will no longer find spelling errors within the database
  • Out-of-date data will be out-of-station forever
  • High accuracy and delivery rate
  • Quickly establish a connection with customers
  • Increase the size of the customer base
  • Reduce the cost of data management
  • Get better revenue from marketing campaigns

Data Appending Solutions

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What Best Practices We Follow To Append Business Data?

Blue Mail Media follows stringent procedure to make any given customer data work for you. While appending the data, our team of experts walk the extra mile to detect the inaccuracies, duplicate records in the file. Once identified, we clean the append data by following rigorous quality measures so that you can get the true value from it.

Our quick and most credible data appending services helps you append data such as contact name, users email, business title, phone number, industry, SIC code, NAICS code, zip code, and more. With our appended business data, you can successfully execute multi-channel marketing campaigns and stay ahead of the competitors.  We deliver the most relevant leads for your business to aid you reap maximum returns.

Without any delay, collaborate with us to get your incomplete users mailing list updated and yield better returns.

Benefits of our B2B Data Appending Service

  • Get in touch with the prospects at the right time
  • Grow your business contact base quickly
  • Magnify the response rate of multi-channel campaigns
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase conversion rate and revenue
  • Decrease data management cost

How We Do It?

It is extremely important for any business to keep their database complete and clean for successful campaign execution. Our data appending marketing solution reduces the gaps in the database of client and prospect information by following certain crucial steps. It includes:

  • We match the given database with our master repository.
  • Similar records are matched and appended with up-to-date and clean data.
  • Our experts verify the unmatched records manually to add the relevant information.
  • We send out an opt-in email to the appended records to authenticate the accuracy and comply with the GDPR and other data regulation policies.

“We empower marketers with an unparalleled level of accurate data that improves quality of client-focused work.”

Gain the advantage over your competitors by availing our highly influential data appending services. This service can save your business from experiencing losses due to incorrect or incomplete data. It enhances the effectiveness of your database by updating it with the required data. Database appending also helps you to expand your venture globally and increase the revenue. Avail our B2B appending services with proven results and gain further insight from your database.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is data appending?

Data appending is the process of enriching your current database by filling in the missing users email, postal information, telephone numbers, and other data of prospects.

What are the different data fields you append?

Our data appending services append the following fields – User Email, Postal, Telephone no., Company Information, Demographic Information, SIC / NAICS code and more. Besides, we also append any data that is missing on your database, such as social media information, the use of a particular technology, or any valuable field for your business. Tell us your requirement, and we will let you know if any useful data is missing so that we can append or guide you on how to fix the issue.

Are all the appended records opt-in?

Yes. All the business data we append to your files meet the regulations about that data type.

How long does data appending take?

The time taken for data appending process depends entirely on the volume of your file. On average, we deliver the appended files in less than a week.Our team re-verifies the appended records to ensure that our client gets more than 90-95% delivery rate.

How secure is my data with you?

Your append data is extremely secure with us. Our team of data specialists take data security seriously and recommend both parties to sign an NDA (copy of an NDA will be sent to you on request). We request you to transfer the data using a secure portal. Once received, we store it securely and keep it with us for the agreed-upon time to perform the data append before destroying it.

How can I send my database?

You can supply your database in any of the standard file and database format such as Office (word, csv, excel), OpenOffice, SQL, and others.

How is my data delivered?

We deliver your append data through a secure online portal. We transfer your data in the same format and layout you supplied to us. It contains the new information appended in the form of additional columns within your datasheet.

What is the cost to append information?

The data append charges are based on the difficulty and volume appended of each file. Be specific about your requirement, so that our sales team can help you with the final pricing.

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