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CustomPro – Customizing with Precision

Are you looking for one-stop data solutions for all your sales and marketing challenges? Blue Mail Media’s CustomPro Solution is all you need to choose the right component for your sales and marketing needs.

Trusted By Over 4k Organizations To Grow Revenue

CustomPro is an all-in-all database solution combating marketing challenges and giving personalization a fresh branding. We know how supersized challenges require supersizing performance. Therefore, we are here with the most reliable CustomPro solution where you can choose the right component for your sales needs. This service offers our clients a tremendous competitive edge by providing fast, accurate, and updated information.

The following data sources meet the highest standards of data quality:

    “CustomPro knocks out marketing inefficiencies and empowers sales efforts with technology backed approach and real-time data.”

    Reach the right prospects at the right time

    Give practical insights of Business Data Licensing to the true-data

    Structured by using cutting-edge technologies and the most innovative practices, our vast and comprehensive data repository holds contact records of an array of industries spread throughout the world. The customers typically will want to maintain the confidentiality of this data, obtain access to, and gain ownership with the Database License. As a data licensor, we address the issues pertaining to data maintenance, control, security policies, protocols, and practices, in particular where the data constitutes sensitive, personal, technical, financial, technical or other information.

    We license prepackaged as well as customized databases from our databank to the marketers and businesses. We are the trusted data-partners of the world’s leading Value Added Resellers (VARs). We provide real-time data that is supplied through our proprietary technology. For a desired set of time – weekly, quarterly, or annually, you become the data licensee of a specific database that is reliable, updated and cost-effective. Organizations use our B2B Database Licensing Services to license our business and consumer data for several applications such as marketing, mapping, research, navigation systems, local search, analytics, geographic information systems (GIS), and verification.

    We make sure our database complies with the GDPR, CAN-SPAM laws, and other related regulations at every stage of data compiling, data segmenting as well as licensing process. So, own the license to our robust data straight away and give your marketing campaigns the much-needed boost!

    Unlock your marketing potential with
    our data insights


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    “CustomPro simplifies lead generation while you focus on building pipeline.”

    All set to propel your sales pipeline?

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