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Our direct dials help you reach decision makers from various industries
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Trusted By Over 4k Organizations To Grow Revenue

Direct dials speed up the prospecting process by enabling outreach to verified desk extensions and cellphone numbers without any facilitation. The caller can seamlessly contact a lead, instead of going through gatekeepers and switchboards. Blue Mail Media offers high-quality direct-dial phone numbers, which are known to deliver real results for the customers by helping them find new buyers and accelerate the sales cycles.

We work behind the scenes to make sure our b2b direct dials are up-to-date and accurate throughout. Our team has been rigorously scrutinizing the direct dial data, and we are happy to say our connect rate in the United States is 70-85%.

A few of our most reputable data sources are listed below:

    Get Access to the Direct Dial Phone Numbers of Following Decision Makers:

    With Direct Dial Numbers, you can bypass the switchboard and interact directly with the decision-makers from the below segments. You can promote various tools such as HRMS, CRM, Agile billing, Cash flow analyzer, Accounting software, Enterprise Content Management, Account-based marketing, Payroll service, Marketing automation, Inventory management, Expense tracker, Social Media Management, Resource planning, Project management, and more to these professionals. By directing the conversation towards the value proposition, businesses can save time by three-fold and exponentially improve the sales performance.

    Title Revenue No.of Companies Total No of Counts
    Sales & Marketing Decision Makers 10 Million+ 32,135 130,162
    HR Decision Makers 10 Million+ 14,225 37,880
    Finance Decision Makers 10 Million+ 30,135 90,450
    IT Decision Makers 10 Million+ 13,415 42,960

    Reach the right prospects at the right time

    Boost Your Marketing Campaigns with Reliable B2B Direct Dials


    Reach the ideal prospects through our customized direct-dial contact list.

    Sales Executives

    Fuel your pipeline by interacting seamlessly with the quality leads.

    Decision Makers

    Quickly identify thousands of decision makers across various industries.


    Connect with the networkers with the personalized conversation at scale.

    Customize your B2B Direct Dials by below selects

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    Company name

    Company location

    Industry Description

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    Employee Size

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    Company Revenue

    Contact name

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    Email adress

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    Unlock your marketing potential with
    our data insights

    Direct Dials Data You Can Trust

    Blue Mail Media offers the most actionable data that fills the gap in your marketing database. With verified and latest data from a wide range of legitimate sources, our team delivers a comprehensive view of the target market to help you identify the right prospects. Our enriched direct dials database helps you engage the sales-ready quality leads at the right time.

    We believe businesses succeed when built on the base of reliable data – and we’re structuring a B2B solution that grants organizations to do just that. Access our most accurate direct dials now and reach decision-makers from multiple industries of your choice.

    Benefits of Choosing our Verified B2B Direct Dials

    Structure Targeted Lists

    We help you identify the right prospects you are looking for based on region, industry, company size, revenue, and more. You gain access to 75+ selects for customization..

    Magnify Your Market Reach

    Our direct dial database is all about building relationships and connecting people across various industries in the U.S. Our sole objective is to help you scale your business.

    Constant Trustworthiness

    We provide our clients with reliable data from legitimate sources such as business directories, yellow pages, events, and more. We strive to update the same with sophisticated tools and procedures.

    Improvise Contact Data

    We enhance your database with our profound approach. Our team updates your existing records by filling in the missing direct dial numbers with the high-quality contact records.

    Valid Direct Dial Numbers

    We offer you the essential B2B contact information of potential customers that have been verified rigorously by our team. 500K+ verification calls are made every month to ensure its soundness.

    Real Impact on ROI

    With our direct dial contact information, you can experience the real impact on your sales team and its revenue. Clients can reach higher-level decision-makers and bring in a new solution onboard.

    All set to propel your sales pipeline?

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