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Looking for accurate calling list for telemarketing campaigns ? Blue Mail Media can help !

Telemarketing is one way of targeting your potential prospects through cold calls. It is a cost-effective method preferred by marketers to generate leads, follow up on a previous conversation, and perform market surveys. In any case, telemarketing offers a direct, personal touch to your campaign efforts.

Regardless of the reputation cold calling holds, it becomes successful only with the right data. Inaccurate data directly impact the company’s revenue with an average loss of 12% yearly. Keeping this in mind, Blue Mail Media provides accurate and specific Telemarketing Lists to maximize your brand visibility.

Our calling list for telemarketing provide marketers with a wide range of audience that are ready to become your next client. In today’s marketing reality, no matter how good the cold calling list, you may find some percentage of disconnects on the database. By updating the information regularly from B2B directories, regional Bell operating companies, white pages, and various other proprietary sources, our specialized telephone marketing list experts flush out as many disconnects as possible. Also, our DNC scrubbed list can be used to target any specific industry or region. Whether you need to market your products to homeowners, enterprise level businesses, or professionals of particular age range and income level, we have got you covered. So, why wait? Use our segmented telemarketing services to provide information, set appointments, or sell directly over the phone.

Equip your sales staff with seamless B2B Telemarketing Lists and empower your business expansion.

Features of Our Telemarketing Lists

Compliant Data with Norms such as GDPR, CCPA Compliance and delivery checks prior to delivery
Highly accurate phone numbers We Filter DNC numbers from our list regularly

    Create a Personalized B2B Telemarketing List for Your Campaigns

    Improve the performance of your telemarketing campaigns with the help of our B2B telemarketing list. Blue Mail Media have a team of data scientists and analysts who are responsible for creating the list from various authentic and internationally trusted sources. These sources guarantee you legitimate data. Our calling list guarantees more than higher ROI for your marketing campaigns. With a friendly message, a useful product and a properly targeted telemarketing list of the most promising prospects, you can make more sales and more money for your business. All these exclusive features make our list stand out from others.

    According to Sales Insights Lab, 41.2% of sales executives found telecalls to be the most effective way to reach an ideal client. If done the right way, successful sales personnel explain, there is a 54% probability for the call to turn into a meeting.

    So whoever thinks that telemarketing has gone out of the league needs to rethink it. Since cold calling is still relevant to the B2B industry, it’s a proactive tool to schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with C-level buyers.

    telemarketing b2b list

    Customize Your Call Lists For Telemarketing by below selects

    Company Size
    Geographic Locations
    Company Type
    Job Titles/ Functions
    Technology Tracking
    Assets Size

    “The Telemarketing Data Lists from Blue Mail Media drive your B2B customer engagement rate by integrating multichannel marketing platforms.”

    How Telemarketing Data Lists help marketers reach the right audience?

    Improve your Total Addressable Market :

    With our DNC-compliant Telephone Lists, you can determine the TAM by conducting market research through cold calling. The information acquired will help marketers understand how their product offerings generate demand and what can be done to increase that demand. It allows businesses to strategize realistic campaigns across multiple marketing and sales channels.

    Enhance the Outbound Sales Outreach

    You can call through the verified lists and generate lead reports that allow you to score and fill them in your sales funnel. The Telemarketing Lists helps you craft first-rate strategies to nurture leads and move them up the marketing funnel.

    Customize your List

    Blue Mail Media segments the Telemarketing Phone Number Lists for proficient use. You can quickly discover your prospects by narrowing down the requirements. As a result, you can make telecalls that have minimum disconnects and enables you to start productive conversations.

    Create Personalized Experience

    Phone calls are potent methods to break the ice between a salesperson and a prospect. Our lists help establish personal connections and respond promptly to the target audience. It enables marketers to address the prospect’s pain points and offer products that solve the problems.

      Submit Your Requirments

      How do we collect information and verify the B2B Call lists?

      The data research team at Blue Mail Media gathers data from legitimate sources, such as:

      Public Directories New Business Listings Press Conferences
      Corporate Websites Feedback and Survey Forms Annual Reports

      We employ stringent verification protocols to remove redundant contacts, replace them with updated information, and append any gaps in the lists. Our contact data contains 100% accurate details to improve your ROI.


      Automate your Lead Generation process using full-coverage Call Lists

      Blue Mail Media doesn’t restrict its services to a bound geographical location. The data professionals here gather information from around the world, including North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, the Middle Eastern regions, Asia, and Oceania. Undoubtedly, the Call Lists have full coverage and ensure a 95% deliverability rate

      Setting Business Appointments:

      Our multi-step validated phone numbers help you reach top officials of your target industry and set up a follow-up call or meeting.

      Scheduling Event Marketing:

      You can call a prospect or send an SMS to notify any events you’re hosting to ensure maximum attendance.

      Providing Phone Appending Services:

      The telephone lists get updated every 90 days, and any changes or gaps in the contact numbers are appended and verified.

      Lead Generation:

      Market your products to homeowners, enterprise level businesses, or professionals of particular age range and income level.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Telemarketing Lists

      ⮞ How can I access the Telemarketing Lists?

      Once you have subscribed to our services, we will compile the Telemarketing Lists depending on the requirements and send them to your email address. You can download and use the lists for your marketing initiatives.

      ⮞ What are the available data formats?

      The B2B Telemarketing Lists are available in .xls, .csv,.txt, etc formats and integrated into any CRM software.

      ⮞ What are customization options available in the Call Lists?

      We offer the following customization options:

      • Age
      • Gender
      • Geography
      • Job Title
      • Average Income
      • Technology Tracking
      • Business Name
      • And more

      ⮞How can I contact the team for a quote?

      You can contact the Blue Mail Media team via email, telecall, or live chatbox on the website. Also, we provide a request form for you to fill out the requirements and submit. Our representatives will get in touch for further assistance.

      Explore the competitive advantage of marketing intelligence with Blue Mail Media

      Samuel Joseph, Sales Head