Telemarketing is the process of contacting, qualifying, and campaigning prospective customers with the help of telecommunication device such as telephones. If you need B2B telemarketing list to execute your campaigns, we are here to help you. Blue Mail Media is a leading provider of mailing lists whose experience and expertise in telemarketing will help you generate sales-ready quality leads that increases your sales and thereby maximize business success. The highly accurate and pre-verified data in our list plays an essential role in the sales campaign by providing the contact information of prospects interested in your products or services. Blue Mail Media is your trusted source for phone leads, whether you are planning to start a new campaign or refresh your present strategy.

Our lists provide marketers with a wide range of audience that are ready to become your next customers. In today’s marketing reality, no matter how good the list, you may find some percentage of disconnects on the database. By updating the information regularly from B2B directories, regional Bell operating companies, white pages, and various other proprietary sources, our specialized telephone marketing list experts flush out as many disconnects as possible. Also, our DNC scrubbed list can be used to target any specific industry or region. Whether you need to market your products to homeowners, enterprise level businesses, or professionals of particular age range and income level, we have got you covered. So, why wait? Use our segmented telemarketing services to provide information, set appointments, or sell directly over the phone.

You can customize the Telemarketing List based on the following demographics:

Business Type
Executive Title
Number of employees
Estimated Income
And More!
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    Telemarketing Challenges

    Your Problem

    • Time-consuming to find the customers for your business without a reliable telemarketing list.
    • Unable to reach the right audience with the right message.
    • Chasing the wrong leads with incorrect contact information.
    • A large number of disconnects with false phone numbers.
    • Hurts your brand reputation by promoting the products to a disinterested audience.
    • Do Not Call Lists are more in number.
    Telemarketing Solution

    Our Solutions

    • Segmentation option lets you reach the right prospects or clients quickly.
    • We filter out disconnects as well as DNC numbers from our list regularly.
    • Highly accurate phone numbers ensure that your goals are met on a given time.
    • Our lists are safe to use as it complies with data security policies such as GDPR.
    • Our telemarketing campaigns are proven to be successful with up-to-date, accurate, and reliable information.
    • It increases the conversion rate and revenue in a short span.

    Create a Personalized B2B Telemarketing List for Your Campaigns

    Improve the performance of your B2B telemarketing campaigns with the help of this highly targeted list. You can now target various regions across the globe such as North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Blue Mail Media have a team of data scientists and analysts who are responsible for creating the list from various authentic and internationally trusted sources. These sources guarantee you legitimate data. Our list guarantees more than 90% deliverability rate for your business success. With a friendly message, a useful product and a properly targeted telemarketing list of the most promising prospects, you can make more sales and more money for your business. All these exclusive features make our list stand out from others. Avail our Telemarketing List now and boost your conversion rate effectively.

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