DemandNxt – The Next Level Demand Generation

DemandNXT is a combination of digital and outbound marketing techniques. The product has been perfected through extensive trial and error. It has been created using inputs from marketing veterans.  It leverages state of the art technology with mature sales and marketing processes.

Digital Marketing

Most B2B buyers begin their research on the web. Hence it is vital to be found where they are searching. Leveraging inbound or digital marketing techniques DemandNXt will

  • Analyze prospective target audience and conduct digital marketing analysis.
  • Connect to the prospective buyers leveraging digital marketing techniques.

However while effective digital marketing solely is very inefficient. The majority of the generated leads will not be ready for your sales team. So using live conversation to nurture these leads is necessary.

Outbound Marketing

Once the database of potential leads is created, the outbound sales team will start interacting with the prospective clients and qualify/nurture the lead.

  • Kick off a steady stream of relevant live conversation with prospects.
  • Set appointments with your sales team.

Methodology Of DemandNxt

  • Spot potential leads– Pinpoint and locate prospects harnessing our proprietary digital marketing technology
  • Communicate -Reach out to qualified prospects using strategic emails and phone calls
  • Build Relationship– Nurture the relationship by providing quality content and fielding probing questions
  • Opportunity to close– Provide the sales team with qualified appointments

DemandNxt Features

  • Present proposals to the existing leads to evince interest
  • Verify whether the prospect is a decision-maker and is educated about the product/solution
  • Nurture the relationship by a steady stream of emails and phone calls
  • Built up a database of qualified and informed leads
  • Connect the sales team to the leads in a seamless transition by setting up appointments.
  • Follow up to ensure that communication has been made and sales concluded
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