Under Valued Assets Of Telemarketing
Telemarketing is one of the oldest and useful marketing technique for lead generation in the market space. When you add it to the marketing mix, it has proven to be the most effective means in sales increment. By integrating it before, after or during the marketing campaign, one can create an irreplaceable impression on prospects and also gain highest brand value.

Though B2B sphere widely welcomes this strategy, telemarketing has got its own set of tragedies. However, businesses still prefer it over any other marketing tactics because of its helpfulness. Prospects can directly communicate with the authorized person to clarify or verify their queries. Companies will also be able to receive immediate feedback and act on it wisely. In short, we can define it as a direct and most straightforward system to get in touch with potential leads and reach the business goals.

In recent year, the technologies have advanced beyond the human reach. Also, the people choose other media of communication to keep them updated in the tech-savvy world. All these made telemarketing to see slower results compared to different modes of lead generation. So, it’s high time for marketers to study the overlooked benefits of telemarketing and make the best use of this system.

Let us see those underrated advantages in detail:

1. Brand Promotion:

Building brand awareness is one of the vital aspects every company must consider. Fortunately, telemarketing comes in handy to deal with this task. But, in general, businesses overlook this strategy because of its simplicity. One can easily facelift the brand personality with the help of telemarketing.  Telemarketers should construct a well-structured message before dialing the number. It helps their brand to create a more profound imprint on the prospect’s mind.

Although most of the call gets settled in voicemail, the leads will at least go through the message once they are free. It helps in brand recognition and also increases web traffic to your page if clients exhibit interest in your product or services. By following this method to build the brand value, one can effortlessly cut the administration cost and also save abundant time.

2. Educate New Customers:

Guiding the newly discovered prospects may seem like a lengthy and time-consuming process. But, when one executes it correctly, it is said to nurture the lead generation system. One can increase the conversion and ROI rate significantly by following this undervalued benefit of telemarketing. In this vast market space, the large number of companies will be looking for some marketing solution or not satisfied with the existing product or service. So, it is the job of the marketer to tap such leads and grab their attention to your website.

Also, in most of the cases, the marketers assume that the customers who approach them know better about their services. This assumption may result in losing a potential customer. In such cases, the businesses should put some extra effort to educate the clients about their brand, services, and products right from the beginning. It not only helps in building customer faith but also show them how you care about their issues. Hence, marketers should invest more time in new customers than the existing ones.

3. Examine New Marketing Strategies

As telemarketers can directly communicate with the prospects, they get more opportunities to gather the result of any marketing campaigns. They can make use of this tactic to gain more information from the customers. Instead of only verifying about campaigns and products, they can also conduct research on which marketing channel works well and how efficient they are. You can use the customer’s feedback to initiate new system or bring some changes in existing marketing strategy.

One should also follow up with the customers and know the usefulness of these developments. This technique helps them to evaluate the marketing strategies on a small scale before investing time and money on full campaigns. By implementing this method, businesses can focus more on the improvement of the channel and reap better results. Hence, telemarketing serves as an easiest and quickest way to conduct research.

4. Focus On Target Markets:

Knowing one’s target market is a must to bring your business into the limelight. Maintaining wrong information about the key customers will take you nowhere. So, it is highly advisable to keep an updated piece of data using various marketing strategies. Businesses often underestimate telemarketing in such scenarios. But, when appropriately implemented, this will aid you in yielding decent output.

By devoting some time in calling and inquiring the new or existing customers, the telemarketers can collect accurate data and keep the database afresh. Apart from that, it is also necessary to continually evaluate the received data to maintain its precise level. Besides that, you can even start your marketing research to gain more data and segment your prospects wisely. Therefore, you do not have to regret the unattained success of conversion and ROI rate in later stages.


Telemarketers can reap the maximum benefit from this strategy since they have more direct contacts with potential leads than any other person in the organization. Especially, when you quickly respond to the queries, the chances of gaining possible customers increases at a rapid phase. Few studies prove that if you reply to any inbound inquiry within 5 minutes of receiving it, prospects are more likely to contact you.

Monitoring and assessing the customer response rate will help you in planning the future goals. This way they can lend considerable support to the businesses to execute their sales and marketing plan. It also helps them in reducing overall marketing cost, since everything happens overs a telephone instead of face-to-face meetings. Known as a traditional marketing strategy, it does wonder when executed sensibly. Although digital channel takes a more significant share in the marketing environment, one cannot deny the fact that human touch is necessary to build stable brand value.

Ultimately, you should not forget the power of telemarketing in taking your business to the next level.

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