Most Trustworthy Ideas for B2B Lead GenerationLead generation is one of the most talked-about topics in the B2B world. Be it a startup or a multi-million dollar business; lead generation plays a crucial role today. Although the companies are aware that a right lead generation strategy is essential to experience growth, most of them are yet to reap the desired result out of this approach. If your business is one amongst them, we are here to help you.

This article assists your B2B Company in scaling its lead generation process at twice the speed using seven trustworthy ideas.

1. Content Curation

Content Curation is about determining the right and relevant topic to your B2B brand and curating an original post with in-depth research. You can also refer to different sources; however, make sure to include your brand voice, which adds real value to the readers.

Here are some ideas for creating new content with your own voice:

  • Know your audience and their expectations from you.
  • Give credit to the external sources wherever possible.
  • Curate and share the content consistently on all platforms.
  • Use tools like BuzzSumo and Feedly to identify trending topics.
  • Optimize your curated content using SEO strategies.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the latest marketing trends, followed by B2B industries. It comprises sharing your well-written content for another website. Guest blogging is an effective method to get your leads in the bootstrap stage. Typically, it begins by generating traffic to your website and then that traffic is contacted for conversion.

Benefits of guest blogging for B2B firms:

  • As said above, it drives adequate traffic to your website.
  • It builds up alliances and strategic partnerships with high-domain websites.
  • It enhances your domain as well as page authority.
  • It increases your B2B brand’s trustworthiness and prominence.

3. Voice Search

Voice search is known to influence the lead generation process massively. Today’s customers prefer voice searches rather than typing anything on the screen. Its convenience and quick response have garnered the attention of more than half of the youth across the globe.

Truth be told, Google report reveals that practically 27% of the general worldwide populace is right now utilizing voice search on portable devices. And, this number is expected to proliferate in the next few years. This offers an excellent opportunity for marketers looking to grab leads using modern techniques.

If you are new to voice search and need help optimizing this tactic, you are at the right place. The tips below will guide you on the right path.

  • Voice search optimization depends vigorously on keyword usage, like SEO. In this way, pick the important keywords for your listing to get significant B2B leads.
  • Create an FAQ area with succinct answers. These answers show up in the voice search results when somebody poses that inquiry.
  • Optimize your local listing since most of the people use voice search to locate local businesses, such as “Where is the closest shoe shop?”
  • Optimize your search result for mobile devices and different speakers.

4. Data and Analytics

Business intelligence has always played a significant role in lead generation. Today, it is not the marketing or sales team that are in charge. Instead, it is data and analytics! In short, if your B2B organization is not data-centric, you will find it challenging to reap good outcomes from your lead generation process.

Since your business needs quality leads, it is essential to gather and evaluate the customer’s data at the earliest. Therefore, to remain relevant in your business, start processing and analyzing the data you own. Use predictive analysis to put those data into good use.

5. AI Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming lead generation into a highly dynamic process. With this latest technology, marketers can quickly extract crucial information from massive online resources and predict future outcomes. Besides, you can also arrive at a specific determination about leads. These simplified decisions make lead generation a highly valuable effort and give companies the needed boldness to scale the business operations.

B2B marketers have already realized the significance of AI and other digital tools for their segment. According to Harvard Business Review,

  • AI increases the number of leads by 50%.
  • It shortens the call time by 60-70%.
  • It reduces the cost associated with the lost leads and deals by 40-60%.

These numbers are truly remarkable. If you wish to achieve the same result, start embracing artificial intelligence technology in your business today and enhance lead generation.

6. Influencer Marketing

Utilizing the big name to back your business is not just useful for B2C firms, but also B2B industries. Today, social media platforms have made it possible with a new type of celebrity tactic accessible to all businesses.

Here are a few hints to extend your arsenal of influencer strategies:

  • Go with the nano-influencers (1k-5k followers) or micro-influencers (5k-10k followers) with a lesser audience.
  • Focus on sharing the brand’s history and emphasizing brand’s vision with a valuable and educational post.
  • Encourage your employees and brand advocates to share these sponsored content on their accounts.
  • Don’t go for quick wins, instead focus on building a relationship with the prospective clients.

Follow the tips above if you wish to integrate influencer marketing into your B2B approaches. In addition, you can likewise utilize CRM as an influencer marketing platform to screen all that you find out about an influencer.

7. Remarketing

Remarketing or retarget marketing is a consensual and non-invasive method of displaying ads to your potential clients and luring them to buy from you. This method pushes the leads down the sales funnel quickly and more effectively. If you did not know, around 98% of shoppers leave your website without buying anything. Retargeting is the best way to re-engage those shoppers and remind them of your products.

As indicated by Criteo, site visitors who are retargeted are bound to convert by 43%. B2B prospects or potential customers browse numerous websites while researching any particular product or service. They consume different content that helps them decide better. If you retarget those people, it gives them a little push towards your brand.

Now, we know that remarketing is all about showing ads to prospects who have already exhibited an interest in your brand. However, it’s crucial to remember that not all website visitors are equal. So, prioritize and act accordingly. For instance, a visitor who almost filled your order form and then left is more likely to convert than a visitor who left the website after viewing one page.

To Sum It Up

Lead generation is still one of those old and highly effective marketing practices. However, to remain competitive in this B2B environment, one has to utilize this approach with the right commands. We are sure that the tips mentioned in this article will guide you in this area. So, why delay? Integrate those ideas into your B2B marketing plans and drive the highest number of leads.

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