Shopify Customer List

Shopify Customers List

Are you a Shopify consultant who sells products compatible with the platform, or do you want to get in touch with the decision-makers of Shopify clients? Are you someone who wants to get their hands on the list of companies using Shopify? If yes, then Blue Mail Media can help you boost the ROI and assist you in making a quantum jump.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps companies sell their products on user-friendly platforms. With humble beginnings in 2006, it is currently an industry leader in the e-commerce category.

Contact Blue Mail Media and get a customized Shopify Customers List for your business. We have curated a list of companies using Shopify with consent-based methods. Moreover, our data is sourced from trustworthy resources and comes with a 90–95% accuracy rate.

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    List of Companies Using Shopify

    There are over 1 million companies that use Shopify from various industries across the globe. With most companies located in the USA, the application is ever-growing.

    With Shopify’s revenue hitting $470 million in 2022, the number of merchants using Shopify has increased significantly. The average revenue of companies using Shopify is $1 million to $3 billion.

    Here’s the list of the companies that use Shopify with its revenue and size:

    Company Website Country Revenue ($) Company Size
    MWW Group LLC United States 10M-50M 200-500
    Zimmerman Advertising United States 100M-200M 500-100
    Zendesk Inc United States 200M-1000M 1000-5000
    Procter & Gamble United States 76.12B 101000
    Grupo Ultra Brazil 21.40B 9033
    WB Shop United States 13.04B 8000
    Pepsi United States 20.22B 309000
    Cision Ltd United States 200M-1000M 1000-5000
    Terra Cycle Inc United States 50M-100M 500-1000
    Staples United States 14B 29,123

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      Shopify Market Share

      Over 1 Million companies using Shopify, it has a market share of 26.26%. Below are the competitors of Shopify and their market share:


      Company Name Market Share
      WooCommerce 27.67%
      Shopify 26.26%
      Magneto 4.06%
      Lexity 4.83%

      How our Shopify Clients List help you?

      The Shopify Clients list is precise, accurate, and relevant. It consists of contact details, revenue information, industry type, and licensing information of companies using Shopify.

      Moreover, Blue Mail Media’s data professionals are well-trained to make your list 90-95% accurate to help you target Shopify customers easily. You will be able to benefit from the list in the following manner:

      • Create personalized campaigns for companies using Shopify
      • Know what companies use Shopify
      • Connect to customers of Shopify across the globe
      • Contact the decision makers of Shopify customers
      • Boost your sales and ROI by reaching the right target audience
      • Reduce your advertising and database marketing costs

      The Blue Mail Media Shopify Customers List will help you generate leads and boost conversion rates.

      Industry Shopify Users
      Retail 50,227
      Apparel and fashion 20,442
      Consumer goods 10,208

      Well-Segmented Customized List of Shopify Customers List

      With our commitment to ensuring you get access to a detailed, validated, and accurate list of which companies use Shopify, we offer you hyper-customizations to help you reach your target audience.

      Blue Mail Media can provide the Shopify Customers List in the following ways:

      Top Countries Using Shopify

      With millions using Shopify as an e-commerce platform, several sectors are involved. The retail industry is the largest segment and the majority of Shopify users, almost 25%, are located in the USA. Whereas, its users from the other region are as follows.

      Country Companies using Spotify
      United States 135,426
      United Kingdom 25,883
      Canada 21,011

      Companies that Use Shopify Based Upon Employee Size

      Spotify is providing a platform to small-sized companies and the large ones as well. Below is the categorization of companies using Spotify based on employee size.

      Employee Size Spotify Users
      1-10 111,227
      10-50 75288
      50-200 31046

      Why Select Blue Mail Media for the Shopify Customers List

      Before launch, our data and lists are always newly validated.
      The best accuracy is guaranteed by our multi-step application and human evaluation process.
      We can locate particular target markets to suit your requirements.
      For your marketing specifications, we spot every potential candidate out there.
      Our databases are supported by thorough and valuable intelligence.
      We guarantee and uphold a 95 percent accuracy rate across all data sources.

      FAQs :

      What details does the Shopify Client List include?

      The Shopify clients list includes name, job title, industry, SIC code, NAICS code, phone number, fax number, and email-id. Moreover, it also consists of social media handle, and other details to help you reach decision makers and professionals of companies using Shopify.

      Is the list of companies that use Shopify accurate, and Can we use this list?

      Yes, the list of companies that use Shopify from Blue Mail Media is accurate and comes with an accuracy rate of 90–95%. We update it every three months to ensure accuracy. And the Shopify customer list is usable because we have adhered to the GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance. Moreover, we have complied with all privacy and security norms to ensure your responsive data. Furthermore, our data is opt-in and permission-based.

      What is the use of the Shopify Customers List?

      You can use the Shopify customer list to create multi-channel marketing campaigns. Our list will help you make your advertising efforts like direct marketing, email marketing, content marketing, promotional campaigns, digital marketing, social media marketing, and more, successful.

      Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales