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Reverse Appending

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Reverse appending provides you with contact information for your email marketing database. The companies who are so busy collecting email addresses of clients miss on essential details like the name of the client, their postal addresses, phone no, SIC code, etc. Lack of such information can lead to unsuccessful email communication. Blue Mail Media provides you reverse appending services which deal with this problem with a proven track record.

Capture more Insights and Target better with Reverse Appending Services

Our Reverse Appending Service Includes

Reverse Phone Appending
Reverse Email Appending
Reverse Fax Appending

Your Problems

  • Having numerous records in databases, but with incomplete details?
  • Trying to capture clients email addresses and having trouble linking it to a Name and Address?

With spam abating most email reducing marketer potentiality, it’s high time that you take a long hard look at your databases.


With our Reverse Appending Services, you can

  • Communicate well with customers through direct mail
  • Properly segment the databases based on Geography
  • Personalize communications
  • Append demographic information

We make your job easy. You do not have to spend time on softwares

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