Zoho CRM Customers List

A cloud-based option, Zoho CRM is a multichannel CRM program. The CRM software assists in automating and streamlining your sales process, tracking sales activity, and forecasting customer behavior.

You can improve your sales effectiveness using Zoho CRM’s built-in conversational AI, marketing tools, Salesforce integration, pipeline management solution, and in-depth insights.

Do you make sales to businesses that utilize Zoho CRM? Do you offer anything compatible with Zoho CRM? Do you provide solutions and services for Zoho CRM?

If so, you’ll adore our actively managed and constantly updated dataset of Zoho CRM clients.

    Some of Our Most Valuable Clients

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    Companies Using Zoho CRM

    While consumer expectations are rising and businesses are required to implement new services and tactics, CRMs are becoming increasingly crucial for companies today.

    Data about thousands of businesses that utilize Zoho CRM is available at Blue Mail Media. You’ll most frequently find businesses employing Zoho CRM in the United States and the information technology service sector.

    Small businesses with 10–50 employees and annual revenue of $1 million – $10 million have frequently used the software.


    Company Website Country Revenue ($) Company Size
    Power I.T., LLC Power-it.net United States 1-10M 10-50
    Enterprise Holdings enterpriseholdings.com United States >1000M >10,000
    Confidential Records, INC. confidentialrecordsinc.com United States 0-1M 1-10
    Blackfriars Group blackfriarsgroup.com United States 0-1M 10-50
    Levis levistrauss.com United States 5B >10,000
    Hyundai hyundaiusa.com United States 5B 500
    Philips usa.philips.com United States 32M >20,000
    Fossil fossil.com United States 22M >5,000
    Catalyst catalyst.com United States 16M 100
    Purolite purolite.com United States 312M <5,000

    Market Share and Customer Lists for Businesses that Use Zoho CRM

    Blue Mail Media tracks the share in the accounting market of over thousands of technology products using the most effective indexing methods and cutting-edge data science. We can gather in-depth knowledge about every company by inspecting billions of official records, with over hundreds of data fields for every corporation on average.

    About 5.72 percent of the market sector belongs to Zoho CRM. In the same category, other significant and rival goods include:


    Company Name Market Share
    Zoho CRM 5.72%
    Saleforce.com CRM 42.70%
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 7.49%
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 5.16%

    Boost Your Business Campaign Success with Blue Mail Media

    With the help of Blue Mail Media’s verified and precise Zoho CRM customer list, you can generate sizable revenue. Since effective conversation is now the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign, it is essential to invest in a highly accurate list of companies using Zoho CRM if you want to guarantee marketing performance.

    For guaranteed deliverables, it will assist marketers in connecting with Zoho CRM clients across middle markets and larger enterprises.

    At Blue Mail Media, we make sure that when marketers send business-to-business campaigns to a specific audience base, they have an advantage over their rivals.

    Segment Users
    Information Technology and Services 2,267
    Computer Software 2,191
    Retail 1,501
    Marketing and Advertising 1,006
    Financial Services 665
    Construction 547
    Internet 526
    Hospital and Healthcare 507
    Education Management 450
    Real Estate 444

    List of the Top Countries Using Zoho CRM

    When the Zoho CRM customers list is segmented based on country, the United States, India, and the United Kingdom are the three that stand out.

    Country Customers
    United States 9,788
    India 1,837
    United Kingdom 1,751
    Canada 1,161
    Australia 875
    France 418
    Spain 392
    Mexico 344
    Netherlands 268
    Brazil 241

    Companies Using Zoho CRM Listed According to Business Size

    The majority (76%) of Zoho CRM users are small businesses with 50 employees. 4% are big corporations and large businesses with more than 1000 employees, and 21% of the companies using Zoho CRM are medium-sized businesses.

    Company Size –
    Number of Companies
    Using Zoho CRM
    1-10 6,848
    10-50 8,858
    50-200 2,999
    200-500 638
    500-1000 268
    1000-5000 264
    5000-1000 70
    >10,000 132

    Why Select Blue Mail Media for the Zoho CRM Customers List

    Before launch, our data and lists are always newly validated.
    The best accuracy is guaranteed by our multi-step application and human evaluation process.
    We can locate particular target markets to suit your requirements.
    For your marketing specifications, we spot every potential candidate out there.
    Our databases are supported by thorough and valuable intelligence.
    We guarantee and uphold a 90 percent accuracy rate across all data sources.

    FAQs :

    Q1. What should I consider before purchasing Blue Mail Media's Zoho CRM clients list?

    You must first decide who your target market is. After knowing them, you may alter the list according to their location, the technology they employ, their revenue, and other considerations. It enables you to connect with the appropriate person at the proper time and place.

    Q2. What benefits do email campaigns provide?

    • You can interact with a good deal of leads with minimal work
    • You can instantly raise brand awareness
    • Email communication makes it simple to establish a rapport with clients

    Q3. Which email format is ideal for marketing campaigns?

    We advocate using smaller graphics and straightforward, easy-to-read language for email marketing campaigns. It should be able to attract clients’ attention after a single attempt.

    Q4. Should I buy the Zoho CRM clients database?

    Yes, particularly if you want to use multichannel marketing campaigns to target a specific audience. Our Zoho CRM clients database has hundreds of data fields detailing business usage.

    Arun Anto, Creative Director- Sales