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Know the Decision Making Grapevine

A typical purchase decision in any organization involves an average of 5.4 persons as per the research by CEB. Reasoned to this, one of the best ways for marketers to enhance the efficiency of their marketing campaigns requires them to understand their target prospects from a 360° perspective. Blue Mail Media can be an essential catalyst in providing you with comprehensive account intelligence services covering extensive information on your target audience.

We help you understand clients’ needs, their limitations, their preferences, and their decision making processes to enable you to precisely plan and execute your marketing campaigns.

Know the Decision Making Grapevine

Eliminate the guesswork - Target Accurately with Account Intelligence

Almost every business today understands the importance of targeted sales and marketing. Despite this knowledge, most sales outreaches and account-based initiatives fail. It’s because their sales and marketing reps lack insight into their pain areas and business goals and struggle to identify the right prospects they should be targeting.

Effective targeting requires deep insights into your prospects, their business goals, key decision-makers, organizational structure, and the best ways to reach them.

That’s why having precise account intelligence is very important.

Get Unmatched Visibility and Targeting with Blue Mail Media's Account Intelligence.

Looking for the most trustworthy and detailed insights to target your prospects? Your search ends now with Blue Mail Media. We provide you with an HD view of accounts pulled from all possible sources, including — our data, third-party data, your CRM and marketing automation platforms (MAP), web activities. This data is put together and analyzed using the best technologies, including AI, for unmatched insights and targeting.

    “Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet”Kevin Stirtz

    Gain The Competitive Edge You Always Wanted

    Accelerate Your Sales Cycle Intelligently

    The fusion of lead marketing and personalization seals the deal quickly. Our service enables you to get your prospect into the sales funnel.

    Discover and Identify High Value Accounts

    With far-reaching insights on your target market, identify valuable prospects and design a perfect marketing matrix to turn them into loyal clients.

    A single Point View of Targeted Prospects

    We give marketers a comprehensive, single sheet view of their target prospects (individuals and organizations).

    Know Your Market from a Closer Perspective

    You win half the sales battle once you know the needs of your target prospects. Address customer challenges more competently.

    Increase Interactions, Conversions, and ROI

    Knowing your prospect inside-out expands your scope of communication and opens up new opportunities for business and revenue.

    Identify Key Players Involved In Decision Making

    Identify the decision-making processes of your targeted accounts, the influencers, and get deeper understanding of their hierarchy.

    Unlock your marketing potential with
    our data insights

    What Makes our Accounts Intelligence Service so Precise and Targeted?

    Our proprietary intent data combined with expansive technographic intelligence and the power of AI gives you 360-degree insight into your ideal prospects, helping you understand their business and priorities. We examine every data point against multiple sources and augment it with human validation to deliver extraordinary accuracy.

    With earlier and more nuanced insight into the buyers, you’ll avoid wasting your time on futile activities and spot the best opportunities in time to influence your buyers.

    We continually check our data and hone it from time to time to create extraordinary reliability and insight, which enables us to give you the clearest vision of B2B buying and behaviors you’ll find anywhere in the industry.

    Hone Your Sales Think Tank with B2B Account Intelligence

    Get a 360° view

    Get a 360° view of an individual prospect/ company

    contact information

    Access to basic contact information such as name, job role, job title, email, phone numbers and more

    advanced information

    Get advanced information such as responsibilities, ambit of decision making, associated executives, social media profiles, online activities and more


    Know the history, limitations, needs, and preferences of your target prospects

    Extensive information

    Extensive information on decision-making hierarchy, organizational structure, and influencers

    Financial information

    Financial information on company’s asset size, past revenues, budgets for current year, staff size, mergers & acquisitions and more


    Investments made in the past and purchase history

    Technologies and applications

    Technologies and applications used by targeted audience and organizations

    enterprise applications

    Information on different enterprise applications used by target companies

    Reach the right prospects at the right time


    Role in purchasing (Influencer / Decision Maker)

    Key executives and their background

    Sales Trigger Events

    Industry trends and drivers

    Organization structure with decision making process

    All set to propel your sales pipeline?

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