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Data Hygiene

The Frontline Of Accuracy

Losing the race with lapsed customer record? We can cut the chase. It’s probably time for spring cleaning.

Outdated lists are as good as last week’s potatoes. Append now for seamless campaign performance.


Marketing data degrades at the rate of 15-25% a month. Why risk the reputation with lapsed customer record? Reactivate inactive/lapsed customers with our Data Hygiene solution.

Choose our service to benefit from the following features:

  • Boosting email reach and doubling revenues.
  • Cost reduction in direct mailing.
  • Appending Customer email address to postal records.
  • Appending hashed email address in your direct mail.
  • Secure handling of customer data (we do not sell or share the information)
  • Drop in bounce rates.
  • Update the data to reconnect with lapsed contacts

Data Hygiene lets you append data giving your business an opportunity to enrich sales by updating the data package with the most relied upon data elements targeting general or niche audience.

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