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Can you tell us the difference between a good email against a great email. Well we can. How? Because we help you build one. Yes, Blue Mail Media’s specialized service in Email Marketing has propelled customers with cutting edge innovation and implementation. Possessing scores of templates, a drag and drop editing software and a highly adjudged analytics software completes our industry wide recommended package.

Turn Email Campaigns into Result Driven Process – Blue Mail Media Guarantees!!

We give you the luxury of choosing from bundles of pre-packaged HTML templates so you can build emails that are nothing less than spectacular. You can also use our editor to upload your own code and customize it.

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The campaign editor from Blue Mail Media converts the otherwise complex task of creating visually attractive email campaign as nothing else than baking a cake. The software lets you customize basic and advanced options and will help you create a more wholesome campaign experience. Let your template truly belong to you.

And if you though this is it, well its not. Blue Mail Media also provides the privilege of scheduling your campaigns by allowing to launch them as per your comfortable date and time.

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