Email Campaigns

So what makes email campaigns so demanding, it’s because is a great, inexpensive way to reach your prospects, provided if done correctly. But most B2B marketers hardly make the effect of measuring the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Its usually after the initial wave that is send to a targeted list that businesses fail to track response, confirm email delivery and correct return email addresses.

Blue Mail Media – The One Stop Shop FOR ALL YOUR EMAIL CAMPAIGNING Venture

And why do we take pride in proclaiming for we provide clients exclusive service of beginning-to-end follow-through for any email campaign including press release, event announcements, special offers and newsletter circulation.

The process usually follows the prescribed route of;

  • Developing an effective contact list, sales lead list or email database
  • Followed by a customer validation including e-mail verification, e-mail appending and data appending as required

All these to make sure your list is as effective with complete prospect database looking comprehensively and optimally useful.

Blue Mail Media specialized software allows you to identify and reach prospects who have received and opened the emails and which specific pages have they visited. Even trained internal service agents ensure that email communication reaches on time to targeted audiences follows up on response, validate email address and correct returned email address.

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