Sales Enablement Tips to Sell More

No matter how excellent your products, you are not likely to reach your sales goals if you don’t have the best sales team. But how do you build the best sales team? By giving them a strong and sturdy foundation in the form of the right training. Training is not just about doing a few role-plays and presentations; it’s about instilling a sense of passion and ownership and motivation to help the buyers instead of just selling.

Here are some sales enablement strategies that you can use to empower your team and get to their optimal performance.

1. Make Sure your Team is Well-versed with your Target Market

The secret to a well-performing sales team is a good understanding of the target market. Such knowledge comes by collecting the necessary data, analyzing it, and using it to obtain valuable insights.

For this purpose, your sales team and your marketing team will be required to work together. By collaborating, they can develop buyer personas that capture key information about the target audience. Using this information, both teams can better identify and engage the most promising potential customers, thus improving sales performance.

2. Train your Sales Team to Focus More on Selling Value

Instead of teaching your sales team how to sell more, teach them how to become more helpful to the clients, understand their challenges and pain points, and suggest them appropriate solutions that can help them overcome those challenges. This selling method is more focused on understanding the customers and is, therefore, more gentle and effective. Here’s what the above process of solution selling would look like:

Lucid Chart

Ditching sales pitches and selling value works very well because right from the beginning of the sales cycle, the prospect feels valued and heard. When your sales reps offer them solutions tailored to suit their needs, it helps establish stronger relationships between your business and the prospect.

3. Teach them to Sell Using Account-based Selling Method

In the account-based selling method, contact is established with multiple stakeholders at the prospect’s company. To be effective, this method will require your team to have enough data on the existing customers or the target market. Once they have the data, they can learn to identify their common characteristics and follow this four-step approach, which has been depicted below.


Image Source: Slideshare

This approach is highly effective when it comes to boosting sales because it keeps multiple stakeholders engaged. Different value propositions are used based on different buyer personas and the stages of the sales cycle they stand at. With the help of this method, your sales team would be able to deliver the right message at the right time.

4. Teach them Social Selling Tactics

Social Selling is all about building one-on-one relationships with prospects across social networking sites. It involves establishing your business in the defined target market and then focusing on building relationships with prospects. Your sales team’s goal in this type of selling should be to establish your business as experts in the industry who want to help the companies.

As this approach focuses more on building trust and relationships, it is considered one of the most effective sales enablement strategies. Below are some statistics to prove that.

Super OfficeImage Source: Super Office

5. Empower your Salespeople with the Right Tools

When the question, “How to improve your sales team,” arises, one common answer is to empower them with the right tools. Enhancing your sales team’s power with the right tools and resources will allow them to produce exponential results. Some helpful salespeople tools include CRM, data, social prospecting, phone, and sales cadence. Using the right sales tools, your sales team can simplify day-to-day processes, increase efficiency in all aspects of the sales process, and save a lot of time and effort.

6. Provide Continuous Training and Support

Provide continuous training and support to your sales team so that they are up-to-date with new tools and strategies. Continuous training will also hone their skills, and eventually, they’ll become more proficient at selling and be able to close deals faster. Training doesn’t only teach your sales team how to sell more using the latest tactics but also accelerates revenue and sales by 50%.

7. Let your Team be Heard

When you allow your people to be heard, they feel more welcomed and valued in your organization, which instills a sense of belonging in them, and they feel more motivated to achieve the goals of your organization.

Your technical teams, marketing teams, managers, and sales reps should have regular meetings to discuss their concerns and suggestions for improvements. If your sales and marketing teams work in a coordinated manner, they can deliver great results in terms of increased sales and ROI.


A lead database usually degrades by about 22.5% annually, which means your sales team must be empowered with new ways to tap into new prospects and get them into the sales funnel. Training your team with the latest sales tactics, empowering them with the latest sales tools, and allowing them to exercise their abilities freely is the right approach for sales enablement that will make them feel more secure in your organization, resulting in high morale, improved sales, and increased customer loyalty.

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