Targeted Email Lists and Mailing Lists

Targeted Business Email Lists

Technology migration may have simplified the process, but targeting as a term can never lose its complexity. The questions that most perplexes marketer is who is your ideal client? It’s not enough to capture any XYZ lead, in order to increase sales and profits, you need to tailor and pinpoint your audience and tailor your marketing according to them.

Turn to Blue Mail Media, where we specialize in providing target mailing list designed to quickly build your pipeline with opted sales leads that can easily be turned into closed business.

Fresh Targeted Sales Leads For You – Trust Blue Mail Media’s Targeted Mailing List!

Contact databases is built from list individuals sourced from proprietary and public domains, such as telephone listings, voter registrations; self reported surveys that increase the broad coverage of nation’s businesses, in which Blue Mail Media provides deeper penetration into key contacts within each company than any other B2B lead provider does.

Carefully compiled sales lead list are then sub-divided into categories to make segmenting prospects easier. Selects include:

  • Postal Code
  • Business addresses
  • A range of demographic and lifestyle filters
  • Purchase Selects and many more

Industry Best Practices Adopted – Industry Best Leads Delivered

Every record we make available to you has been rigorously screened and subjected to industry best practices for maintenance, including CASS (Coding Address Service System) and NCOA (National Change of Address) along with other proprietary methods to make sure that our lists will put your message in your customer’s hands, not your mailroom.

When you’re planning your direct mailing campaign, be sure to factor the rate of returned mail into your list purchase to be sure to hit your goals.

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