Targeted Business Email List

Targeting as a term can never lose its complexity. The questions that most perplexes marketers today is who their ideal clients are? This is where Blue Mail Media helps clients with targeted mailing lists designed to quickly build their pipeline with opted sales leads that can easily be turned into deals.

For marketers, it’s not enough to capture any XYZ lead in order to increase the sales and profits. They must clearly identify their potential customers and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Fresh Targeted Sales Leads for Your Multi-channel Marketing Campaigns  

Databases are built from records sourced from various proprietary and public domains such as telephone directories, conferences, business meets, magazines and publications, networking events, voter registrations, surveys and more. Blue Mail Media provides deeper insights into key contacts in your targeted organizations better than any other B2B lead provider in the market.

We carefully compile sales leads lists and further sub-divide the same into categories that make segmenting prospects easier. Some of the key parameters include:

  • Postal Code
  • Business addresses
  • A range of demographic and lifestyle filters
  • Purchase Selects
  • Industry/ Function
  • Application User
  • Sales Revenue/Employee Size
  • Geographic Location
  • SIC Code / NAICS Code
  • Demographics

Few Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate Your Sales Cycles
  • Power your sales and marketing teams with accurate, reliable and powerful data
  • Proficiently send your marketing messages to potential customers
  • Increase Interactions, Conversions, and ROI
  • A single Point View of Targeted Prospects

Why Blue Mail Media?  

Every record we make available to our clients has been rigorously screened and subjected to industry best practices for maintenance, including CASS (Coding Address Service System) and NCOA (National Change of Address) along with other proprietary methods. This helps us create highly accurate databases that enable marketers in reaching their organizational goals.

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