Custom Email List

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Custom Email List

Obtain New Customers Swiftly and Proficiently

Custom List Building Services lets you meet your precise marketing needs at ease. The readymade, pre-packaged list is not what you always want. Sometimes, your marketing needs could be so specific and unique that you would need a customized database that can do justice with your marketing campaigns. The team at Blue Mail Media strives to understand what your specific needs are and deliver data which perfectly aligns with your multi-channel marketing needs.

We invest our time to understand potential customer’s profile, geography, and industry of focus, and various other requirements. This helps us customize your database based on different selects such as Business Name, SIC/ NAICS code, job Role, Scale of Operations, Staff Size, and more.

Reasons to Get Your List Customized

Better success rate on your email, mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Greater response rate and conversions owing to data which is customized to your marketing needs.

Better reachability due to qualitative, customer specific data.

Low unsubscribe rates, bounce rate as messages reach the intended customers.

Low campaign cost.

Increase in returns on investments.

Build Your Custom Mailing List By:

Job Role
Industry Professionals
Industry/ Function Wise Executives
Technology Users
Application User
Sales Revenue/Employee Size
Geographic Location
SIC Code / NAICS Code
Assets Size
And More..

Why Blue Mail Media?

Blue Mail Media indeed has the expertise of building client relationships through surpassing standards of service and quality of data ranging across a host of selects that helps you customize your marketing campaigns.

Market prospecting is never an easy task, especially when there is a huge rise of lucrative buyers within the market. This is where Blue Mail Media helps marketers in custom list building and provides strong database of verified and customized sales leads.

Blue Mail Media’s highly trained data researchers and analyzers put extra efforts in building custom email list that assures a high deliverability rate because of its attributes of relevance and precision.

Why Blue Mail Media?


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is a customized email list?

    A customized email list is a list of B2B records that contain only the necessary details of the target audience. Our team invests time in understanding your targeted customer profile, the industry of focus, geography, and various other requirements to meet your precise marketing essentials at ease.

    How accurate is your customized data?

    Our customized records are more than 95% accurate. Our team of data scientists employs proprietary verification and validation process to check the deliverability of every data. We remove do-not-mail domains, hard bounces, complainers, and problematic emails that could trigger automated objections.

    What kinds of email customization do you offer?

    We offer a wide variety of customization that helps you reach the right audience at the right time. The different selects for customization includes, Business Type, SIC/ NAICS code, Job Title, Scale of Operations, Staff Size, Revenue, Location, and more.

    Can my existing list be customized?

    Yes. Our team at Blue Mail Media understands your specific needs and deliver the customized list that perfectly aligns with your multi-channel marketing requirements.

    How is my customized data delivered?

    We deliver your customized email list through a secure online portal. We transfer your database in the identical format and layout you supplied to us.

    How long will it take to customize the email list?

    Our custom list building process takes 3 to 4 business days to complete, and it solely depends on the volume of your email database. After customizing the given list, our team re-verifies the records using a sophisticated in-house tool to ensure its quality.

    Do you still have any questions?

    For further questions, check out our standard FAQ page that answers some basic queries on the email list and customization. Or contact our team of sales representatives by calling 1-888-494-0588.

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