8 Alternatives Over and Above Cold Calling

For many years, cold calling was one of the most effective ways for lead generation and establishing a healthy connect with potential customers. As technology progressed and newer ways of communication emerged, the power of cold calling as a marketing technique started fading away. Today, with over 2 million people in the Do Not Call List, the old pushy methods of annoying customers through cold calls and begging them to buy your product or services do not fetch results.

What most marketers must realize is that they need to think beyond cold calling and utilize newer ways to attract potential customers and make them informed about your products and services. Here are 8 alternatives to cold calling which will help you drive greater conversations in the days to come.

1. Your Virtual Presence Matters

As a salesperson, the most imperative platform you cannot afford to ignore in present times is social media. Creating a strong follower base by sharing relevant and useful information will help you drive greater conversations. You may also use social media to interact with present and potential customers and address their queries in real time.

2. Create and Share Engaging Content

Share engaging content with your followers on your website as well as social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Slide Share and others. When it comes to lead generation, each single drop makes a mighty ocean. And any small contribution by any social media platform counts.

3. Focus on Addressing Customer Issues

Identify your most profitable market segments and focus on addressing customer problems through multi-channel marketing. To start with email marketing, design a series of emails depending on your objectives from the marketing activity. The content in the emails should be precise, appealing and action oriented. It should focus on addressing the challenges faced by customers rather than the features of the products or services that you are offering.

4. Track Your Campaign Progress

Track your web traffic and the behavior of the visitors who visit your website or social media sites. Identify the best times to approach your audience and send them messages accordingly.

5. Knowledge is Power

Customers have now become extensively aware of the various products and services available in a certain segment and ask multi-dimensional questions before making the final purchase decisions. When interacting with customers, salespersons must have complete knowledge of the products and services to be offered. Lack of knowledge will reduce their confidence levels and they would not be able to promote the products or services with conviction.

6. Use Marketing Automation Tools

Use well-integrated tools such as CRM, Marketing Automation Tools, and Social Media automation tools that will streamline the sales and marketing process to a great extent. These automated solutions will help you in scheduling the bulk dissemination of information to your target audience.

7. Ditch the Sales Pitch

Never lose the human touch while interacting with your customers. Your sales and marketing teams should not excessively focus on the product features and should address the real concerns that customers may have.

8. Feedback Is A Continuous Process

Most marketers assume the end of their responsibilities once the deal is closed. However, to build long lasting relationships with the customer and explore future business opportunities with them, the sales and marketing personnel should engage with customers time to time and know if they were happy with the services.

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