Dos and Don'ts of B2B Social Media Marketing

You should no more ask yourself if social media is the right platform for you to market yourself. Instead, find the best answer to just one question- How to best execute a social media marketing strategy? With numerous options available for social media promotions, designing the best social media marketing mix would require you to identify the best practices on the Internet and determine what ingredients could lead your social media marketing strategy to success.




1. Content is Social Media’s Source of Energy

Content is undeniably one of the most imperative elements of your social media strategy. The primary fuel of social media platforms is content, and those who master the art of creating and promoting fresh, useful, and insightful content are the ones who rule the social media. Content would not only include articles, blogs, case studies and white papers, but also various kinds of audio-visual content.

2. Tell, Talk, Interact and Listen

Tell an interesting story that relates to your brand. Post insightful content. Accept your followers’ appreciations as well as criticisms. Let your followers know they are interacting with humans and not machines. As a marketer, it is important for you to listen to their concerns and address their issues dedicatedly.

3. Make Your Presence Felt at Multiple Forums

Your social media strategy could be incomplete and ineffective if you choose to be active in just one or two social media forums. Remember, every single drop of water makes a mighty ocean. As a marketer, it is important to be active on multiple social media platforms and make your presence felt across a larger audience.

4. Be Innovative, Impressive

Social Media certainly is one of the most cost effective and powerful means of marketing. If you make certain efforts into sharing creative pictures, videos and written material that are so good that people cannot resist sharing them, you are bang on.

5. Keep A Track

It is highly important to keep your social media progress in check to measure and identify how it is contributing to the overall growth of a business. Keeping track of number of likes and shares, upvotes and downvotes help you know if your social media marketing strategy is going into the right direction. Similarly, analyzing comments and interactions relating to your brand will help you identify and measure market sentiments.




1. Don’t Ignore Unfavourable Responses

A lot of brands delete unfavorable responses to maintain a positive brand image. You may not go very far with this approach. As a marketer, you need to be open to rejections and face every criticism with perseverance.

2. Don’t Abandon Your Loyal Followers

You don’t build relationships just to abandon them. They may not be the ones to give you heaps of business but they are your potential customers and maintaining genial relations with them has unexpected benefits.

3. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to social media, there is no cookie cutter approach to lure your followers. We are moving towards an age of personalization where each prospect is required to be dealt uniquely, taking into consideration their individual likes and dislikes.

4. Why So Serious?

Most people run to social media sites to relieve, refresh and get entertained. Being too serious, dull and monotonous will create the similar perception for your brand. Therefore, it is important to be enthusiastic and lively in your social media engagements and connect with people as a human and not as a robot.

5. Don’t Lie, Mislead, and Try To Be Someone Else

Honesty is the best policy. Today’s customers are highly intelligent and they are able to catch your lies easily. Don’t tell them you offer something that you don’t. Don’t copy what your competitors are doing and become a replica of them rather than creating your own unique identity.

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