Traditional Marketing

Any form or way of promoting, campaigning or advertising that has been used by companies from years is known as Traditional Marketing. Print advertisements broadcast, and telemarketing are the examples of traditional methods of marketing.

Traditional marketing can also be simplified as a set of conventional methods used for marketing purposes traced back to the days when the concept of marketing and advertisement came into existence. Print advertisement is the oldest form of Traditional Marketing.


Types of methods involved in Traditional Marketing:

  • Print – advertising through printed materials like newspapers, magazines, newsletters, or company brochures
  • Direct mail – spreading marketing messages through letters, brochures, or postcards
  • Broadcast – advertisements through radio or television commercials
  • Telemarketing – connecting with customers over the phone

Benefits of Traditional Marketing:

  • Social engagement
  • In-person or face-to-face interaction creates trust in the buyer
  • Highly tangible, familiar, and easy to understand
  • Greater exposure to existing and potential audience
  • Broadly accessible – best suitable to audience with less exposure to internet
  • Improved success rate

Tips to using Traditional Marketing:

  • Event marketing
  • Creating press releases
  • Focus on customer service excellence
  • Create business cards

Invest in the communities

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