Data Hygiene is the collective techniques utilized by businesses to ensure the cleanliness of data. It detects and corrects inaccurate records from the given database and also prepares the data files for optimal marketing.  The data inefficiency will drain the sales pipeline, conversion rate, and revenue of the organization. Performing Data Hygiene Services such as cleaning and validating these invalid or erroneous data, eliminating duplicates, and appending the correct records will drastically uplift the performance of campaigns.


What are the Different Tasks Data Hygiene Services Do?

  • It updates mailing lists
  • Corrects email address errors
  • Fixes address issue
  • Verifies telephone number and emails
  • Removes duplicate records
  • Appends contact details

Benefits of Data Hygiene

  • Brings uniformity to various data sets that are merged from different sources
  • Saves the mailing costs incurred while executing campaigns
  • Builds the brand worth across multiple industries
  • Boosts new customer acquisition process
  • Improves campaign response rate and thereby the company’s revenue
  • Email hygiene service reduces mailing wastage
  • Helps the decision-making process
  • Streamlines overall productivity of the firm

Best Practices for B2B Data Hygiene

  • Create standardization rules and add constraints
  • Effective communication between sales and marketing units
  • Perform regular audits of both internal system and other sources
  • Update data frequently to maintain its accurateness
  • Automate data cleansing process and improve the performance of database



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