Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing is a form of advertising where relevant promotional messages are delivered to people only when their consent is given in advance. In this kind of marketing, the prospects are more receptive to a message as they have already shown their interests in advance by agreeing to receive those messages.

Opposite to traditional marketing approach, Personal Marketing gives consumers the power to indulge in or to ignore the marketing. The concept of Permission Marketing was first introduced by marketing expert Seth Godin in his book with same name in 1999.

Ways to do Permission Marketing:

  • Facebook – marketers can send friend requests to their potential or existing clients which will work as permission request
  • Opt-in email subscriptions – individuals register or subscribe to receive the emails, be it about a promotional message or updates about a product
  • Video-sharing sites like YouTube offer feature of subscribing, liking or sharing a video message

What is Permission Marketing

Benefits of Permission Marketing:

  • Highly receptive in nature
  • Better engagement rate
  • Lowers down marketing costs
  • As consent is given in advance, it’s easy to convert leads into sales
  • Enables personalization marketing
  • Businesses can foster long-termed relationships with clients
  • Less time consuming and more targeted
  • Increase in ROI

“Permission marketing turns strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers. It’s not just about entertainment – it’s about education. Permission marketing is curriculum marketing.” ~ Seth Godin

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