Local Marketing refers to a mixture of marketing techniques used by the localized businesses to promote themselves in the area they locate. Other names for local marketing are neighborhood marketing or local store marketing. In this strategy, people focus promotional messages on the local individuals instead of the market as a whole.

This strategy is primarily used by small businesses such as restaurants in a single location or having a single outlet. But, sometimes large firms also use local marketing as a micro-marketing technique.

what is local marketing

Four Key Elements of Local Marketing:

1) Messaging – Understand the contents for communication

2) Media – Find a way to deliver your message

3) Segmentation – Determine your target audience

4) Measurement – Evaluate your efforts and outcome

Different Strategies for Local Marketing:

– Localized advertisements

– Promotions in local areas

– Maintain customer relationships

– Sponsored local events

– Sourcing native products

– Positioning relative to nearby businesses

– Establish distribution network

– Brand awareness in the city

– Importance to customer satisfaction

– Look for local testimonial or reviews

– Focus on local publications

How to Use Local Marketing on the Web?

– Engage in Social Media

– Build a local website

– Optimize the site for mobile devices

– Be a part of local search engine



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