The CAN-SPAM Act sets out the rules and regulations for commercial emails and gives recipients the right to stop senders from emailing them at their will. The law also spells out penalties for violations. It was signed into law by President George W. Bush on December 16, 2003. This law applies to commercial emails, B2B emails, and also commercial messages whose primary purpose is advertisement or promotion.


Main Requirements or Checklists of CAN-SPAM Act

– Stop using false header information

– Also, do not use deceptive header information

– Avoid the misleading subject line

– Must include the valid physical address in every message

– Also, it must consist of the opt-out option

– The message body must also clearly explain the opt-out procedure

– Respect the reader’s decision to opt-out and hence act quickly

– Besides, do not charge any fee for unsubscribing from the list

– Do not send the address of the unsubscribed person with other third-party agencies.

– Lastly, monitor the actions of the company who promote the products on your behalf.

– Also, such companies are responsible for obeying the law

CAN-SPAM Best Practices

– From address as well as the reply-to address must be accurate and be able to identify the person

– Also, make use of proper subject line

– Always mark the advertisement in your email

– To stay compliant with the law by including your physical postal address

– Besides, do not forget to add the opt-out option



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