Bounce rate is the metrics to identify the percentage of visitors who visit your website (Homepage, content page, or any landing page) and leave without navigating any further. That is, a user bounces with no engagement in any of the pages, and his visit ends with a single-page visit. The bounce rate of a website or a web page can be calculated using Google Analytics and several other tools.

bounce rate

What Does High Bounce Rate Mean for Your Business?

–    Your website has low-quality contents

–    Visitors found the required information in other sites

–    The website is not relevant to your user needs.

Different Bounce Rate Scenarios:

–    Clicking the back button

–    Closing the browser window or tab

–    Entering a new URL

–    Stay idle in the page

–    Not triggering any event

Benchmark for Bounce Rate by Google Analytics:

–    10-30% for Service Sites

–    20-40% for Retail sites

–    30-50% for Lead generation sites

–    40-60% for Content websites

–    70-90% for Landing pages

–    70-98% for Blogs

Methods to Reduce the Bounce Rate:

–    Make your website mobile-friendly

–    Study the traffic sources

–    Understand the user’s behavior

–    Do not mislead the visitor

–    Avoid unnecessary pop-ups

–    Include high-quality contents

–    Add visually appealing design

–    Use only relevant Call-To-Action (CTA)

–    Use responsive layout

–    Increase the page load speed

–    Avoid many external links


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