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5 Proven Ways to Redefine B2B Sales with Artificial Intelligence

  • Jan 29, 2020
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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5 Proven Ways to Redefine B2B Sales with Artificial Intelligence

Technological advancements, especially artificial intelligence, have helped B2B firms by providing new opportunities for reaching customers. Given its potential for sales management, AI is here to transform the way people interact with brands, and its products and services.

However, at the same time, sales teams are increasingly challenged by this shift because buyers are beginning to turn to such advanced technologies.  That is, buyers are desperate for sales professionals who can intelligently lead and facilitate the buying process. Hence, it has become essential for sales management to adapt to the brave new world of AI and streamline their efforts.

This article takes a deeper look into five practical AI tips to scale up B2B sales in today’s scenario.

1. Making Your Team Data-Driven

A sales team that executes the strategy without gathering and analyzing the data is likely at peril. So, to be a successful sales leader, you need to make sure your team is data-driven. A data-driven team collects all economically feasible data points and use them wisely before finalizing any decisions or tactics.

Some sales organizations do not possess crucial data of their business, and in case if they have it, they do not maintain it aptly. Such companies will not have a chance to succeed with artificial intelligence. Hence it’s essential to make sales teams aware of the benefits of data and establish suitable systems for its collection and maintenance.

2. Using Your Judgment for Decision Making

AI is exceptionally beneficial for the decision-making and data mining process. However, some sales managers and leaders rely on this machine, entirely shutting down their thoughts. To your surprise, most of the decisions in sales still require a human insight that’s beyond what AI can discover from analyzing the data.

One has to use their experience and expertise in business decisions while being assisted by AI tools. This produces guaranteed results more than often. And, also makes the team more efficient without replacing them. For instance, you can outsource some routine tasks such as sales reporting to AI and keep yourself engulfed in critical sales procedures.

3. Acting on Artificial Intelligence Advice

Integrating artificial intelligence into B2B sales also consists of paying heed to the advice given by the machine. For this to happen, the sales leaders should form a clear and attainable implementation roadmap for AI. And, this roadmap must focus on resolving the sales challenges with the existing data. One has to make sure the roadmap is realistic and straightforward and formulated with a series of actionable steps.

After the AI implementation, the sales team should modify their behavior based on predictive analytics or other outcomes from AI. For instance, if a B2B firm applies an AI solution, but does not change behavior and act on AI outcome or advice, it will more likely achieve no reliable results.

4. Ensuring Every Investment Pays Off

Successful sales managers appreciate every single opportunity to integrate artificial intelligence into their business operations. They willing supply the resources and invest in their people and data. However, before doing so, they need to ensure that any investment in such modern technology stays on track towards a useful solution.

“Although AI is becoming a hype and a buzzword nowadays, you must make sure that every investment in it pays off.”

So, the sales leaders need to understand the fundamentals of AI and must be able to discuss the various data analysis methods and models. One way is to ask the right questions. And the other methods include being open to change and creativity.

5. Offering Timely Coaching to Your Team

The sales team is a precious resource for any organization. Companies invest profoundly in their acquisition, training, as well as the development process. These people play a crucial role in building the trust of the customer. However, the emergence of the latest technologies like AI instilled fear among sales executives about losing their jobs.

According to some research reports, 85% of customers will be managed by a machine in the future. So, what role does an organization have for salespeople? What skills do they need to overcome such fears?

Although one cannot fight against technology, they can keep themselves updated with the recent advancements in the market. It includes taking responsibility and receiving timely coaching. While leaving sales planning and administration tasks to AI, sales leaders can spend their time on developing new skills.

Putting It All Together

In the coming years, AI advancements and sales automation will undoubtedly replace the time-consuming tasks of sales team.  Also, it will redefine the role of sales leaders and executives in the B2B segment. It will offer vast fields of applications and incredible rewards while plummeting costs and increasing incomes. However, one has to follow the five specific points mentioned in this article to make the best use of this robust technology.

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