Ditch The Sales Pitch, Sell The Value

While chalking out the sales plan, most sales professionals excessively focus on the content of their message rather than its delivery. Since the nature of their job requires them to converse with hundreds of people every month, they sometimes lose the humane touch which is required to establish a sense of trust and credibility in the minds of the customers. This is why a good sales person reads the pulse of their prospects and addresses their real concerns rather than merely focusing on improving the sales figures. Because once you start selling the benefits instead of the functions, sales automatically happen.

“The first rule of crafting a perfect sales pitch is ‘ditch the pitch’. You win half the battle if you sell the value and benefits of your product, rather than selling its features”

You Are Interacting with Humans

While drafting your sales plan, it’s better to avoid the term ‘Sales Pitch’ which has been conventionally used as the pre-penned message describing the features and functions of a product. And since you are interacting with humans who are driven by needs and emotions, bombarding them with your product features may not bring you the best results. Not everybody is interested in a long list of features, and there is high probability that they may hang up your call as soon as they realize you are just another seller. Therefore, you must demonstrate and explain how your product, solution or service addresses their problems. You must not lose the humane touch while approaching someone for sales purpose.

Harry F. BanksTell a Story Your Customers Can Relate With

Interact, understand, and respond. Your desperation for closing a sale might not get you anywhere. However, you can share a story of your brand or the product and what propelled the need to come up with such a product or service. Talk about everyday challenges that your customers knowingly or unknowingly encounter, and how can your product/ service address the same.

Never Give Up

The customer may test your patience by asking you legitimate as well as silly questions. Being a marketer, you should have complete understanding of the product, solution or service you are trying to sell and address their objections in an objective manner. You should try and establish a connection with your prospects and ask for a compliment. For instance, you may ask them for an opportunity to personally meet them or call them again to better explain your offerings. If you are able to establish the right connect with your prospect, the chances of you getting business from them in future significantly shore up.

Zig ZiglarFollow Up

So you have closed the deal? Great! That’s not the end of your job. As a responsible and concerned seller, you must follow up with your prospects until the deliverables are met as promised by you. In fact, even after the deliverables are met, you should call them once in a while to ask if they encountered any issue with the product/service. This will help you earn their loyalty and open up future door for business with minimum efforts.