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How 5 Pillars of Social Media Marketing Influence Business

  • Jun 14, 2018
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How 5 Pillars of Social Media Marketing Influence Business

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a cost-effective approach used by businesses to increase the customer reach. It also helps in improving the brand exposure tremendously. Companies create brand-related contents and share it across several social media platforms. It not only helps to gain more buyers but also to gather productive feedbacks from them.

Social Media Marketing may not aid you in achieving the sales quickly. But, it will help you in building the strong brand value. So, most of the marketers are investing in this technique to drive more traffic to their websites. Companies produce quality contents to share it on different B2B channels. Study of customer behavior and a well-drafted plan will help you reach a broad audience.

There are five pillars of SMM which help businesses to grow cost-effectively. This article will focus on those backbones so that one can identify which works best for them.

1. Primary Website:

Companies own primary website to exclusively showcases their products and services. The underlying intention of these sites is to build the trust of buyers and improve the sales value. It can include any pages such as the one which sells the product directly or the one which describes only the services offered by them.

The website should convey the visitor what it does and also guide them in making an intelligent decision of buying their product. So, the businesses need to take special care while designing their primary website. If it offers only the services, then the site should provide necessary information about how to contact them. On the other hand, if a website portrays their products, then it should include all the setup required to order or buy the products through their site.

2. Blog:

Blogs are another essential part of any company which aims to build the loyal customers in their segment. It discusses the topic on which the businesses work. In the blog, the firms can address the complex issues as well as an in-depth explanation of the services they offer. The contents written on the blog should be easily understandable and also portray you as an expert in this segment.

One can also link to other social media pages used by the company on their blog to improve the web traffic rate. It helps in gaining the attention of readers who may not likely visit your primary website or other pages. Blogs keep emerging on daily-basis, so companies have to pay extra care on how to drag the potential buyer towards their blog and retain them. The best practice is to develop engaging content regularly that helps your target customers.


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3. Twitter:

Twitter is one of the primary marketing tools used by almost all the businesses to promote their brand value. It helps the firms to tweet any information in a single click and be in touch with their customers. They can get the quality feedback from the buyers and also guide them straight away. Marketers can also gain up-to-date information about their segment effortlessly using this platform.

One can quickly create a Twitter profile by providing complete information about the business. Later they can link them to other social media platforms and search for interested tweeters. Twitter comes under a microblogging tool, so one should keep this in mind while marketing their product or services. It is advisable to include shortened URL of your primary website in every tweet as much as possible. It helps in gaining more visitors to your site, who may become a potential buyer in a later stage.

4. Facebook:

Facebook is a conventional example of social media platform used by people worldwide. People use it widely to post their interest or share their whereabouts with friends. But, marketers can intelligently make use of this as a medium to drag the attention of the users to their primary website. Beginning with friends and acquaintances, one can extend the sphere to other users who show interest in your services. It is how the Facebook pages help you inside and outside your neighborhood.

It requires less effort to post the quality contents and engage the customers on this platform. The customer comments help the firm in knowing the immediate feedback about their product. The negative comments or feedback will guide them in improvising their products, to gain customer loyalty in the future. One should not forget to link their other social media pages, blogs, and websites to the Facebook page. It drives more traffic to your pages and also helps the user to know more about your work.

5. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a primary site used for posting vacancies in the company. Since a wide range of people uses this platform, it helps the businesses to reach many audiences in less time. LinkedIn is a professional social media network which connects millions of companies. So, it acts as a direct medium to enhance your B2B prospects worldwide.

Setting up a LinkedIn profile of a firm with all the required information helps buyers to update them on your products. By posting quality contents on the LinkedIn profile, businesses can stay connected to their prospects. They can also post any vacancy in their firm to find the right candidate.


As each pillar attracts the different type of customers, it is a good practice to link all of them as much as possible. It helps in getting connected to a wide range of buyers and build a strong bond between them. Instead of choosing all the channels to market, it is advisable to go after the best ones with more importance concerning your brand.

Before creating the profile in the channels, studying the competitors and the customer is necessary. It helps in achieving the bigger list of the loyal fan base and also improves ROI significantly. Try to implement this social media marketing strategy in your business so that your brand does not fall behind.


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