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12 Successful B2B Lead Generation Strategies

  • Jul 10, 2018
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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12 Successful B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Every B2B business looks forward to implementing various approaches to generate leads immediately. It is a vast and challenging task which every industry has to handle. Unlike a sales person who can directly communicate with the audiences, the marketers have to follow specific strategies to meet their target. Along with the emerging technology, they also have to invest their time and energy to sort out the best plans that can reap the maximum benefit.

Leads being the lifeblood of any business, one has to gain their trust systematically. Though there are various tips out in the market, some tips work the best when appropriately implemented. We have a list of ten such strategies that you can integrate into your marketing mix to generate potential leads. You can practice these well-tested tactics in your business to redefine the lead generation process or begin it from scratch.

1. Upload Quality Contents Regularly

A blog with engaging content is said to bring more visitors to your website and in turn, helps in generating potential leads effectively. It is one of the simplest ways to get noticed by new audiences who search for quality products or services. The companies must follow specific strategies to decide the type of contents and also the platform to share them.

According to the study conducted by Hubspot, the companies get 3.5x more traffic if they publish more than 16 blogs per month than the companies who upload only four blogs. So, the companies have to involve in producing quality contents regularly to increase the web traffic and leads. The materials need not always be blogs or articles; it can also include marketing news, industry insights, or answers to the questions related to product or services.

2. Personalize Social Media Connections

Every company uses social media marketing to grab the attention of a wide range of prospects worldwide. With a social media handle, marketers can easily communicate their ideas and also the services offered by their firm. Millions of companies make use of this business strategy to build the brand value. But to gain the trust of the buyers, one must execute the tactic correctly.

Try to be an active marketer by sending personalized messages and requests on a regular basis. Also, concentrate only on those channels which your leads use. This method will help you in saving your time and resources which may go wasted if invested on other channels. The businesses must also build the system that recognizes the buyer’s journey, their interests, and the pattern of questions asked by them to interact with them wisely. This way you can get noticed quickly and generate leads naturally.

3. Be Mobile-Friendly

As the usage of mobile phones increased along with the emerging technologies, the organizations must also make some changes in their strategies alongside. Few studies revealed that almost 50% of B2B queries come from mobile phones. Also, the study further says that it may reach 70% in the next two years. The companies should take these statistics seriously and optimize their websites for smaller screens. Apart from responsive design, they must also consider other changes based on their business requirements.

4. Automate Social Engagement

Few studies have proved that most of the B2B lead comes from a social media platform. Marketers should consider this before planning future endeavors. They must try to involve their business in various social media channels used by their audiences. One can share their company posts or tweet constantly to stay ahead in the competition. They can make use of various automation tools or apps to perform such tasks and keep track of likes and shares.

5. Aim At Retargeting

Most of the marketers stay quiet after targeting the visitors with the quality contents or posts. This practice may lead in losing a large number of potential prospects in future. Studies proved that only 2% of the visitors might decide to buy your product or service on their first visit. So, if you concentrate on retargeting the audiences, their chances of choosing your brand may increase to 70%. So, do not overlook this strategy and forget to remind them about your brand.

6. Use Chat Bots

One can reduce the operational cost with the help of artificial intelligent bots in the organization. They help in engaging the visitors by answering their questions quickly. The bots utilized in this form takes the user input in the form of text or speech. It then produces the highly relevant response by processing the input. Usage of bots on the websites will not only reduce the human work but also builds the visitors trust with less effort. The more they trust your business, the chances of doing business with you increases.

7. Integrate Automation Tools

Companies can invest in some marketing automation tools to quickly generate the quality leads. Email marketing is the oldest and most effective strategy utilized for millions of firms. When one links it with the automation tools, you can get more leads with less energy. It helps in sending customized emails to right prospects at the right time. The firms can also integrate this tool with CRM to produce best results.

8. Leverage Micro-Influencers

You can tap the maximum number of leads with the help of micro-influencers. There are few influencers out in the market with a large number of followers. The number of followers will not only increase their demand but also makes them expensive. In such cases, the marketers can leverage micro-influencers in their strategy to reap better outcome. Most of the micro-influencers in the smaller niches have strong potential to reach the right targets cost-effectively.

9. Video Marketing

Marketers can take their business to the next level with the help of videos. Many pieces of research revealed that the number of visitors watching product or service related videos are more than the ones who read the website. So, the integration of videos on the landing pages will drive more traffic and hence result in a higher purchasing rate. That is, almost 64% of the visitors purchase your product after watching the video. If you have not included video marketing in your business, it is high time to do so.

10. A/B Test

A/B testing is one of the less-utilized approaches in various industries. It is one of the best ways to test the promotional and marketing campaigns. You can figure out which strategy works well for your organization and how can one tweak it to see the better output. It is an iterative process which may require multiple tests to come to a final result. The businesses must devote some time to perform this test consistently. You can also perform A/B test on the whole website to make some reasonable changes in it.

One should also note that the result of A/B test is unambiguous. This benefit helps the marketers to implement the changes without waiting for other planning sessions. It is one of the effective ways to improve lead generation in your business. A well-structured test will have more impact on the growth of your business.

11. Organize Events

Events open more opportunities to generate potential B2B leads. You can organize the activities related to your products or industry type. Apart from that, the companies can also organize general events to build their brand value across different industries. It may include seminars and courses to attract new prospects. One can also organize webinars to reach a large number of leads across the globe. Events will also help in getting quick feedback from the audiences. The marketers can make changes according to their input or suggestion and gain their trust immediately.

12. Data Analytics

Sometimes, one has to study the behavior pattern of prospects to implement some changes in the business. Quantitative Data Analytics comes in handy in such scenarios. This analytical data shows the user interest in specific content or product, the way of interaction with the website, and also their reaction to your particular product or services. Besides, the marketers can also use qualitative data analytics to track the progress of buyers. By making the necessary changes based on the buyer’s journey, they can generate a large number of leads in the future.


Focus on the areas mentioned in this article and experiment them in your business to generate quality leads in no time. Since the strategies planned out in 2017 may not work this year, studying them is a must before giving it a final shape. To see an optimal result, one should go with the current trend to examine the new challenges involved.

If you can implement these strategies smoothly or fine-tune it according to your business needs, we are sure to hear more success stories from your end.

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