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Healthcare Marketing Statistics for Result-Driven Campaigns

  • Dec 28, 2023
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Healthcare is the ruling industry amongst all other industry sectors, but the complexity is never-ending as new inventions are continuously being made. The users of healthcare services and products need dependable information; therefore, running reliable marketing campaigns becomes highly crucial. Factually backed-up marketing statistics are highlighted for effective campaigns to retain and educate the user base. Statistics suggest that healthcare sector providers investing in brand reporting observed that 86% of the business professionals prefer emails, lead generation increased by 64%, consequently traffic increased by 73% over the period.

Over here, we will take you through healthcare marketing statistics and how the right promotional mix can help marketers navigate an extremely complicated marketing landscape.

healthcare marketing stats

Vitality of Healthcare Marketing Statistics

Recent statistics suggest that 72% of healthcare organizations spend a significant amount of their marketing budget to finance their digital channels. At the same time, 94% of B2B prospects conduct online research before going forward with their purchase decision. The healthcare industry is growing aggressively fast, highlighting the gravity of healthcare marketing. All of it together focuses on the fact that B2B organizations should adopt data-driven tactics to survive in a dynamic industry.

Healthcare Industry Valuation:

  • Healthcare is a $5 trillion industry in US, the significant contribution making it the most prominent industry.
  • The healthcare industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.07%, resulting in a projected market valuation of $665.37 billion by 2028
  • US generated the highest healthcare revenue in the year 2023, hitting a valuation of $11,820 m
  • User penetration is expected to hit 50% in the year 2028.
  • The amount of $1 million is the revenue generated per user.

Why Healthcare End Users’ Insights Matters

Key decision-makers appreciate the value of healthcare marketing statistics as they provide insight into the end users. Insight is about preferences, trends, and consumer behavior. With comprehensive apprehension about click-through rates, email open rates, search engine usage, and user reviews, healthcare marketers develop innovative solutions tailored to improved end-user care and drive more hyper-targeted campaigns.

Cognizance of User Insight That Highlights the Importance of Healthcare Marketing:

  • 7% of all internet searches are health-related
  • Google states that search steers 3X more hospital site visitors than non-search visitors.
  • Google’s total daily health-related searches amount to 70,000 each minute, according to the report.
  • 66% of online users use the internet to learn about medical problems and new diseases.
  • 70% of Americans seek solutions for health-related problems through the internet.

Statistics that Support that Healthcare Marketing Companies Don’t Usually Have a Strong Marketing Strategy:

Below are a few censuses highlighting why healthcare organizations should prioritize marketing strategy. Over and above that, our data-driven insights will guide healthcare organizations to make informed decisions and enhance marketing efforts and outcomes.

  • 70% of healthcare marketing executives state that they have a content strategy in order.
  • According to a study by True North, it was not until 2017 that significant healthcare organizations incorporated a brand journalism strategy.
  • 66% of organizations believe the notion that content marketing is an effective tactic.
  • A mere 28% of healthcare marketers have strategized and documented healthcare marketing strategies.

Healthcare marketing statistics identify opportunities for marketers by helping them stay ahead of the entire industry by tracking progress.

B2B Healthcare Service Buyers are Heavily Concerned about Credibility:

End users of the healthcare system may be willing to read any wellness blog. However, B2B marketers are highly concerned about credibility.

  • Statistics suggest that 47% of healthcare service blogs are primarily about selling a product or a service rather than providing the right information.
  • Reviews matter extensively; more than 71% of them are checked by patrons who are learning about a new doctor.
  • 62% of all blog development efforts are outsourced by the healthcare industry.
  • On the contrary, they may have one to three subject matter experts to generate strategies relevant to the industry.

Healthcare Organizations Planning on Increasing Their Spend Budget on More Resources

As per the latest marketing trends, healthcare companies worldwide are allocating more funds for marketing, increasing spending for lead generation and advertising. The advertising market is expected to reach $29.2 billion by 2028.

End Users Consume Healthcare Insights in Multiple Formats:

The end user of healthcare accesses resources through multiple channels. The organization must communicate with potential clients through blogs, infographics, and social media. It should be followed it up with A/B testing for each marketing format to determine the best approach to engage with the prospects.

  • 77% of users read the 70 million blog posts made monthly on WordPress
  • A study suggests that infographic boosted readership by 80%
  • 72% of adults use social media for entertainment, news, sharing, and connections.

Lead Generation through Healthcare Journalism is High-Yielding

Healthcare marketing is both lead-generating and audience-appealing. It is a considerable alternative for offering a break from traditional marketing methods like advertising and outbound marketing.

  • Content marketing generates 62% more leads at a lower cost than outbound marketing.
  • Lead generation is accelerated by 70% with video format marketing.
  • Long blog posts bring in 3X more traffic compared to moderate size blog posts
  • Blogs are responsible for generating 67% more leads for companies.

Products and Services Marketed Must Offer Value

Healthcare professionals looking forward to investing in a product or service look for meaningful marketing efforts justifying the product. Here, pharma companies and other organizations focus a lot on products, prioritizing quantity over quality.

  • 7 out of 10 healthcare professionals feel that healthcare representatives are not able comprehend their service or product requirement.
  • 62% of healthcare professionals need more informative add-ons with products and services to help them make decisions.

Digitalization Is The Way Forward:

Healthcare industries are perpetually moving forward to PPC, email marketing, telemarketing and many other forms of digital efforts, ie , the entire package of digitalization. For MedTech companies, digital marketing is the key focus.

According to US survey results, digitalized advertisement brings higher ROI than conventional and traditional marketing efforts.


For effectual marketing, organizations have to prioritize reliable, high-quality statistics tailored to the needs of the appropriate target audience. Over and above that, for well-thought-of marketing endeavors, corroborate consistency without burning a hole in your organization’s pocket. Collectively, this approach helps build trust and credibility with your audience.

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