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Record Shoots Up 400%+ in CTR + 45% Email Open Rate for Plastic Manufacturing Company

Plastic Manufacturing Firms

About the client:

The client is a top manufacturer of customized high-performance plastics and self-lubricating bearing materials. 

Established in North America, their proficiency includes module design, material selection, sampling and creation, manufacturing, and surface modification. 

With more than 50 years of engineering expertise, the client’s goal is to provide solid solutions for the future. Their primary location is in Shrewsbury, and more marketing centers in Illinois, California, and North Carolina. They also own 8 more branches in North America.


Our client is a manufacturer of plastic components and has an enhanced material division. They wanted to analyze the potential of their business in F&B, Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Military Aerospace, and other similar industry located in North America through marketing survey campaigns.

While gathering information on prominent engineer lists of the above-mentioned industries via various sources, the company lost valuable time and even ended up with a fabricated list. This was their biggest tussle to obtain suitable data to run their survey campaign.


  • The client approached Blue Mail Media to acquire industry data to run the survey campaign.
  • Below are the industries they sought to run the campaign:
  • We analyzed our client’s situation, and our data team curated a 40K+ customized email list of engineers in different industries that aligned with our client’s survey campaign.
  • We have customized the email database according to client niche requirements.
  • Below are a few filters out of the many we offered to our client:
  • We delivered the list with following benefits to our client:

Final Results:

  • Blue Mail Media’s targeted and systematic email list allowed the clients to outperform their marketing survey campaigns in the North American regions.
  • With the help of our list, they could run a successful campaign to examine the potential of their business.
  • These are the results client achieved with the survey campaign using our data: 

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