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The Best Methods for Building an Email List

  • Mar 01, 2016
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The Best Methods for Building an Email List

According to several industry experts you must grow an email list gradually and organically by sending relevant and awesome content, in-order to engage the individuals on your list, so that they become the main followers of your business organization. Below listed are few ways to easily build an email list.

1. Allow customers to sign up for emails:

Your website visitors can easily sign up for emails if you place a clear and noticeable form on your website. Apart from being effective this tactic is very easy to execute. While implementing this practice here are few important things to consider.

  • Sign-up Boxes: It is always advisable to place sign-up boxes as part of the top banner or just below it so that it can grab maximum attention of the visitors, several test results have demonstrated that those located near the top of the website perform better than those positioned in the footer area.
  • Look and Feel: In-order to make your website’s sign-up boxes easy to find and familiar to your audience, maintain a clean and steady look and feel of all website sign-up boxes.
  • What they can expect: Your customers should exactly know what to expect while signing up, so you must insert a clear description of “what is stored inside of them.

2. Newsletter:

You must send out personal emails to all your clients/customers, by asking them to sign up to your agency newsletter. Sending out newsletters with great content can lure your clients, who would like to remain subscribed, and may also in turn forward your message to their network, making way for more people to add up to your list. You can also add a check box on your website to sign up for your newsletter.

3. Utilize social networking sites:

With the usage of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can promote an offer that necessitates an email address submission in your business page. Moreover, you can ask your leads to share and like your offers on social sites. You can create a tab for email sign up.

4. Create compelling content that offers value:

As per Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email report, 35% of marketers send 2-3 emails every month. This means people are already being bombarded with several emails from marketers. It also implies that people will only give away their email addresses if you add value to their lives. An easy way to do so is to offer them compelling content that they find relevant. You have to create content that adds value to their lives, provides solutions, entertains them, or makes their lives easier. Here are some ways you can create compelling content to grow your email list.

  • The first step in creating compelling content is to know your target customers. For example, if you sell digital design solutions, your target audience will consist of people interested in buying design solutions.
  • After knowing your target customers, start creating content that addresses their pain points and caters to their interests and lifestyle.

5. Lead magnets to amplify your email list:

Lead magnets are free resources that provide value to your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. A lead magnet can be a template, an eBook, a whitepaper, a video, some discount, or a checklist, delivered via email. Well deployed lead magnets are one of the best ways to grow your email list.

Here’s how lead magnets are used to grow email lists.

  • When you use lead magnets, you grant your website visitors access to gated content.
  • The visitors will be required to fill out a signup form on your site to access the gated content.
  • Once they have filled out the signup form, they become a part of your email list.

Below is an example of a free eBook being used as a lead magnet.


6. Set up landing pages:

Using dedicated landing pages to collect email IDs is a great way to grow your email list organically. Here’s how having a landing page helps your email list building efforts:

  • It gives you a central place to direct traffic.
  • Your landing page can be used as a platform where you can use all the amazing conversion optimization strategies to maximize your conversion rates.
  • It can be used as a place to entice your website visitors with great offers.

Below is a dedicated Landing Page for Unbounce’s educational email course on landing pages.


7. Strategically place CTAs on your ‘About Us’ page:

When your website visitor reaches your ‘about us’ section, they are looking for something specific, possibly more information about your company. By including a CTA, such as “Read More,” you can direct them towards the content that gives them more information about your company and its products or services.

Slack is a company that provides tools that businesses use to connect their teams. After providing this information on their about us page, the company has a CTA at the end of the page that prompts their website visitors to try their services. Here’s a snapshot of their about us page so you have an idea of how you can use CTA on the ‘About Us’ Page.


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