A Beginners Guide On Building Email List From Scratch 5 Steps To Follow

The first and foremost rule of any business is to build a strong customer base and maintain a healthy relationship with them. Focusing more on retaining the old customers will provide a long-term solution for any organization because customer retention cost is always lesser than the new customer acquisition. But it isn’t the walk in a park to reap maximum benefit from this formula.  It involves various marketing strategies that may require extra effort from your end. You need to invest some money as well as time in maintaining an updated and verified email list that helps you reach all your audiences at the right time.

But what if you are a beginner who dreams to build an empire in this vast business space? You can do so by dedicating some of your time on creating an impressive email list right from scratch. The email list of your customers will help you promote your product and yield dramatic results. Hence it is essential to have a reliable record that brings more charm to your business operations than any other social media websites. But how will you build it from zero? You can find various online sources that offer solutions for this problem by demanding a hefty amount.

If you run low on budget or time, worry not. We mentioned five simple steps in this article that helps you to gain new customers and build a long-lasting relationship with them in a short period. Read further to learn more on creating an email list from scratch.

1. Call-To-Action (CTA)

Call-To-Action buttons on your blogs or website are one of the most common methods utilized for gathering the email data. But the personalized and creative CTA’s are said to draw maximum yield than the basic ones.

  • Make It Personalized

As mentioned above, try to come up with a personalized CTA for your blog or landing pages instead of a basic “sign-up” form. According to a survey by HubSpot, the personalized CTA (smart CTA) works 202% better than the basic ones. People visit your website with different intentions or looking for something specific. Hence the common CTA with the same message for every visitor does not make any sense. Also, making it customized make them feel valued and helps them to proceed further with your organization.


                                                                       Source: HubSpot

  • Fill It with Humor or Creativity

Instead of some familiar texts such as “Yes” or “No” in your Call-To-Action button, you can include humorous text or show some creativity in it. The common phrases will no longer serve you because it invites the user to click no without even completely reading your message. For instance, you can use the texts such as “Try it for free” or “Explore More” with some inspiring or funny texts instead of a simple “Yes” or “Sign Up.”


                                                                            Source: GetResponse

  • Place It in Proper Location

The location of CTA plays a significant role in building an email list. You might have an original text or a personalized CTA, but it will not be of any value until you place it in a right spot. You cannot always put the button on the top or bottom of the page; it may vary depending on your content or user’s viewing pattern. So, you can conduct A/B test to determine the visitor’s behavior and place the button accordingly. Also, you can make use of scroll box to identify when users are ready to convert and click your CTA.

2. Pop-Up Windows

The pop-ups might sound annoying to most of us. Hence instead of displaying dozens of irrelevant pop-ups every time a user visits your page, you can follow a timed pop-up strategy that is of help to them.

  • Timed Pop-Up

You can include timed pop-ups in your page which is said to convert more than the regular ones. That is, you can make your pop-up visible only after a particular time. Also, make sure that these ads or promotional texts are relevant to your contents or viewer’s behavior. Apart from this, you can also design your pop-up to look useful by providing some exclusive offers for the visitors in the same tab.

  • Timed Pop-Up Surveys

Since most of the visitors do not sign-up to your blog or newsletter on their first visit, you must make them spend some time on your valuable contents. You can use timed pop-up surveys that appear only after some time or after thoroughly reading your blog. Since the users have already read your materials, the chances of clicking “Yes” in your sign-up form is more than directly asking them to subscribe.

3. Use Social Media to Create Email List

Sometimes to build an email list from zero, you may have to make use of other platforms as well. Social media forms the excellent place for list building. That is, you can use a loyal fan base in Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms to share your newsletter or other offers. Also, you can share links to your blogs or landing pages on your social media accounts. Since they even know about your brand, it will be easy to communicate as well as build a strong foundation for your email list.

4. Build Great Blogs and Landing Pages

There is no doubt in generating a more significant number of leads through this step. Try to come up with many blogs and landing pages for your website. The higher number of landing page will lead to customized contents that help every single visitor to your site. Also, build great blogs that makes the user subscribe to your next materials with no much efforts. But for blog sign-up forms, you must limit the number of texts. That is, you can ask only to fill their names and email address since it is sufficient to get started with an email list.

5. Offer Something in Exchange for Signing Up

There are a few people who do not like to share their details on sign-up forms. In such places, you can tempt them to buy from you or subscribe to your newsletter by offering some free stuff to them. But make sure, the free thing must be something that is of help to the user. For instance, you can offer a free eBook, white paper, or a free trial of your products for a week. Also, don’t forget to experiment with new offers from time to time.

Bottom Line

These are the must-know tips if you wish to build your email list from scratch. Since it does not require much of your time or money, you can implement all of the steps mentioned in this article to create a highly reliable email list. Once you build your list, you have to update as well as verify it to keep it free from erroneous data. The data never remains the same. You must also apply the same rule to your email list building activity. Keep trying new strategies once in a while to see which works best for your business needs.

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