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Marketing Trends You Can’t Risk to Avoid in 2018

  • Oct 03, 2017
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Marketing Trends You Can’t Risk to Avoid in 2018

The changes are never-ending, and the pace seems uncontrollable. Today, marketing is driven by such a revolution of technology!

The marketing empire of 2018 will be governed by innovation, and if you really want to survive in that digital world, the conventional intelligence of marketing needs to be shed down. Avoiding the marketing trends of future can risk your organization with business fiascos. Thus you need to search for new prepositions in the market to deliver value to your customers.

But, “how to do that?” becomes an enigma for most of the business owners. The answer is, to go deep into the emerged and potentially emerging marketing trends and then to bring modifications in your business strategies:-

Artificial Intelligence:

As per the data stretched out by Salesforce, over 51% of marketers are currently using Artificial Intelligence, and it is predicted to drive the most marketing growth in the next two years.

However incorporating AI in marketing stratagem is quite a costly deal, the use and relevance of the technology are so evident and inevitable that 63% of people don’t even realize that they are already using it (HubSpot). And you can’t imagine to what extent it will go by 2018.

So make sure you are not only well aware of Artificial Intelligence but, also, are prepared to implement it.

Native Advertisement:

Native Advertisement is one among the hot traffic trends of the day and is going to get hotter by 2018. A native ad is the traffic strategy that gives content a vivid context. These ads look like ads, but readers are more likely get attracted towards these as instead of looking like traditional ads, they look like a part of the content.

Sponsored content, in-feed ads, and content recommendations are a few examples of Native advertisement.

If you want to grab more attention of your customers, the native advertisement is must not be avoided.

Video Marketing:

By 2020, 80% of all internet traffic will be driven by online videos (Cisco).

To sell, you need to leave the imprints of your brands on the minds of your audience, and for that, you must know to deal the most sensitive issue – “how to campaign a brand?”.

Video marketing can prove to be your best buddy in doing that. No doubt, text holds its own importance; people tend to remember things or content that they see instead of what they read.

Begin with marketing with videos – put videos in your campaign programs, story-telling ads, emails and other social media platforms if you aim for establishing brand identity and increasing CTR for your business.

Personalization with a check:

Everybody will teach you to ‘personalize’ your marketing. But wait, 2018 will ask for a check!

In future, personalization will be less-personalized. However a ‘personal touch’ is something that is must for creating a seamless connection with your customers, a ‘too-much of being personal’ can annoy your readers. It is because today’s consumers are much empowered than ever and the coming time will strengthen them more. They are way more capable of judging the accuracy of a selling behavior.

To target them right, play with a check. Pay attention to the consumers’ behavior, their purchase history along with their activities and preferences on social media. Try to pitch the selling targeting their conclusive emotions with a genuine personal tone and your readers will become the life-long advocate of your brands.

The marketing realm of 2018 will bring so much new. Hold on to the trends and your business will hold on to its place.

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