Look Beyond Numbers, Track Customer Sentiments

The marketing fraternity is so fascinated about numbers that they don’t look beyond leads, graphs, and charts. A rising number of website traffic is not an indication of customer satisfaction. And sometimes, in the race to achieve these numbers, they completely ignore the fact that the main objective of marketing is to generate positive sentiments for a brand and turn the same into a profitable business. For a business to grow and sustain in the long run, it is important to know how they really feel about your brand. Do they just see you as one of the sources of products or services or they see you as their trusted source? In both the cases you may be able to get business, but in the later one, you will see a sustainable growth.

Tracking Customer Sentiments

Now, tracking customer sentiments on a constant basis could be a huge challenge. Apart from interacting with your present and potential customers on various online and offline platforms, you can also build strong feedback mechanisms to track customer opinions and suggestions. There are also various tools available that may help you track customer sentiments to a great extent. Some great examples are Meltwater, People Browser, Hootsuite, Tweetstats, Facebook Insights, Pagelever, Social Mention and Marketing Grader.

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Measuring the Impact of Change

Measuring how an audience responds to brand changes is significant from a marketing point. A small change in the logo, an introduction of a new app or a product, or shutting down of a particular product chain may invoke huge customer sentiments that should not be ignored.

Your Social Media Mentions Are Increasing? Know Why

Increasing social media mentions may not always be a good sign. You should be able to understand the reason for any loss or gain in the social media mentions. This would not only help you take corrective actions but also help you know the shortcomings in your PR strategy.

Take Cues for Your Business Strategy/ Product Development

Your potential and current customers can be your business advisors if you listen to them. Taking part in their discussions on various online and offline platforms, knowing their opinions about a particular industry, product, services or brands may help you decide a better course of action for your organizational growth.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy Implementation

Once you have a fair idea of how your customers perceive you and the relative sentiments they have towards your brand, you can make better marketing strategies and implement the same to a greater success.

While marketers may use technology to measure customer sentiments, it is also important for them to dig deep and know real customer opinions to make better business and marketing policies and ensure a sustainable growth for their brands.