100 Email Marketing StatisticsTo Drive Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Stats

With growing popularity of modern marketing techniques like social media and mobile marketing, email marketing seem old-fashioned to many people. While a section of people perceive email marketing to be dead, the reality seems to be completely opposite of this vague perception.

Email Marketing has evolved to work simultaneously with social media and other modern marketing channels. These new channels have in fact amplified the power of email as the most powerful marketing communication channel.

Here is a compilation of 100 statistics to give you insights on the major email marketing trends in practice all around the world.

General Facts and Stats

Email Automation

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Mobile Email

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Email Conversion

Email ROI

Email Segmentation

Email Copy

Click-through Rate

Hope these stats help you understand how significant it is to invest in email marketing. These statistics should help you determine better strategies to ensure greater success of your email marketing campaigns.

If we have missed something, please let us know!