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Best Times To Post On Social Media [Infographic]

Marketers know that Social Media holds the power to establish and escalate the brand value of their businesses. However, very few perceive the science to use it right as every social media platform is unique and works differently. You can post on social whenever you want but wait, that’s not enough!

Some days and sometimes can bring more engagement and more followers.

Let’s have a look at the below infographic to know the best times to post on social media:
Best Time To Post On Social Media


  • Facebook has over 1.94 billion monthly active users (Source: Facebook)
  • 42% of marketers consider Facebook critical to their businesses (Source- State of Inbound Marketing)


  • Thursday- 18% higher engagement rate
  • Friday-
  • People are happier on Fridays leading to amplified clicks and shares.
  • 18% higher engagement rate
  • Weekend- 32% higher engagement rate (Source- Forbes)

BEST TIME TO POST: (Source- Quick Sprout)

1 pm to 4 pm

  • Posting at 1 pm dramatically increases ‘shares’ rate
  • If you post at 3 pm, you will get maximum clicks


A Tweet reaches 75% of its potential engagement in less than 3 hours. However, a Facebook post takes 5 hours for the same!


  • FOR B2B
  • Monday to Friday- Engagement rate is 17 % higher for business to business marketing
  • FOR B2C
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- Engages consumers more on weekends. CTR increases up to 20%

BEST TIME TO TWEET: (Source- Hubspot)

  • 12 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm- Tweeting on these times can get you higher CTR
  • 12 pm and 6 pm- Can perform better for retweets.

LINKEDIN: (Short Stack)

93% of marketers have ranked LinkedIn as one among the best Business to Business Social Media Lead Generation Source


  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday- Business days bring more traffic as 81% of business people use LinkedIn on a regular basis.


  • Tuesday- 10 to 11 am
  • Wednesday- 9 am
  • Thursday- 5 to 6 pm

To reach the greatest number of your targeted audience, the science of posting at right time is inevitable. Apply these facts; schedule your posts and boost-up sales for your business because now you know that ‘timing’ matters!