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Discovering Email Marketing ROI Statistics to Boost Engagement

  • Aug 28, 2023
  • Posted By: Wes Lemos
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Email marketing campaigns are among the most used strategies to promote services to the target audience.

To understand a campaign’s effectiveness, tracking its revenue or outcomes is essential.

The measure of the campaign’s profitability or success is called email marketing ROI.

Companies can understand if the strategies are on the right track by analyzing email marketing ROI statistics. They can judge the campaign performance over the past year or months. This helps in finding areas of improvement and making data-driven decisions.

Evaluating email marketing results can help businesses in multiple ways –

  • Demonstrating the campaign revenue and profits to vital stakeholders
  • Resource allocation according to campaign requirements
  • Predicting future marketing impacts and results
  • Optimizing existing strategies as per ROI
  • Modifying the marketing budget to meet objectives

Email marketing ROI statistics can also help understand client preferences by analyzing open rates and similar metrics.

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Latest Email Marketing ROI Trends and Statistics Vital For Business Enhancement

As a B2B marketer, focusing on email ROI statistics and trends help understand the market better.

At present, for every $1 spent, email marketing produces a return of $42. That makes the ROI percentage 4200%, which can boost any marketing strategy. Moreover, the average ROI is $38 for each dollar spent, where 18% of companies get more than $70.

Other vital trends to know –

  • Segmented emails generate around 36% of the total campaign revenue
  • Triggered campaigns fetch excellent ROI with 306% click-through rates 
  • Almost 4 out of 5 B2B marketers consider email marketing better than social media marketing
  • 25% of organizations believe their email ROI tracking initiatives are on point

Market experts predict that these trends and figures will continue improving. Email marketing can be worth $17.9 billion by 2027 as companies continue relying on it.

ROI Benchmarks across Different Industries

The email marketing ROI industry benchmarks for every $1 invested –

  • Media, entertainment, and sports – 32:1
  • Technology – 36:1
  • E-commerce and retail – 45:1
  • Advertising and PR – 42:1

Other average industry statistics include –

  • Average open rate – 37.65%
  • Average bounce rate – 0.30%
  • Average click-through rate – 8.93%

Interpreting Benchmarks for Business

Interpreting email ROI benchmarks is possible by comparing industry statistics with your campaign’s performance. An ROI better than the average industry performance defines the campaign’s success.

However, an ROI lower than the industry standard means your campaign might be ineffective. Consider open rates, bounce rates, conversion rates, click-through rates, and user engagement during benchmark interpretation.

Email Marketing Platforms with Built-In Analytics for Deriving Business Insights

Email marketing tools with analytics features offer valuable data about campaign performance and client engagement. Some of the popular platforms are described below.


The AI-powered email dashboard offers information on emails sent, open rate, click rate, subscribe rate, unsubscribe rate, and other metrics. Tracking conversions and recipient email activity is possible through graphs.

The Detailed Performance Report depicts overall performance. Custom reports provide in-depth information about particular emails.


MailerLite is another popular platform providing detailed campaign performance reports for analytics. Through visual graphs and custom time frames, understanding time-specific marketing ROI is simple.

Comparative reporting assists in understanding performance between two periods. You can also export the analytic data to create data visualizations and Excel sheets.


Klaviyo can assist in real-time tracking of customer behavior, only channel performance, and popular email metrics. The convenient dashboard offers insights into sales channel data, monthly revenue, fulfilled orders, and campaign engagement.

Also, access personalized benchmarks, custom workflows, and predictions to optimize campaigns.

Third-Party Tracking Tools for Advanced Insights

Effective third-party tools that can also support email campaign ROI tracking include –

  • Yesware – Track leads and email ROI throughout the buyer’s journey, along with outbound prospecting.
  • Campaign Monitor – View detailed insights on sales engagement, lead acquisition, and geographical performance for campaigns.
  • HubSpot Email Tracker – The free tool offers in-depth customer interactions, lead history, and notifications whenever someone interacts with the campaigns.

Importance of Tracking and Optimizing Campaigns

Tracking email campaigns’ performance helps you understand the prospects, preferences, and conversions. You can modify the email content and follow-up tactics and optimize your budget based on the insights.

Analytics and tracking assist businesses to make timely changes to suit prospects needs. It saves valuable resources and maintains the budget.

Industry Trends Affecting Email Marketing ROI

Here are some of the latest industry developments and trends affecting email campaign ROI.

Impact of Interactive Email Content

Interactive emails enable users to take action through the content. It can be a quiz, poll, watch video, or an on-click animation.

Almost 32% of marketers feel this trend can boost engagement and ROI significantly. Further, 23% of B2B marketers are already utilizing interactive emails.

Mobile Optimization and ROI Enhancement

As most clients view emails on mobile devices, emails have to be optimized for a great user experience. Optimized emails display content clearly, improving click-through rates and engagement.

These emails have 24% higher open rates than normal emails leading to better campaign ROI.

Video Integration’s Surprising Impact on ROI

Embedding videos into emails automatically makes the content even more intriguing, increasing audience engagement. Videos are great for highlighting product benefits, launching new services, and announcing offers.

Engaging videos grab the viewer’s attention for extended periods and connect well with them.

5 Effective Ways to Elevate Email Marketing ROI

Making email content engaging and actionable is an excellent way to fetch better campaign returns. Other effective tactics to boost email marketing ROI are –

  • Segment lists and send targeted emails
  • Include actionable CTAs
  • Keep the design and colors consistent as per the brand
  • Add dynamic content like quizzes, games, and videos
  • Personalize emails for better click-through rates and client loyalty

Also, continue tracking and measuring the existing campaigns for valuable insights.

How Blue Mail Media Transforms Email Marketing ROI

Blue Mail Media helps improve your email marketing ROI by offering verified B2B contact lists. Using the validated contacts, you can run targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

With over 100 million business contacts and offering a revenue improvement of over 200%, Blue Mail Media can support all strategies. The data experts collect information from global geographies such as the USA, Europe, and the UK. So you can target international clients.

That’s why you can gain valuable exposure and explore diverse global markets. Thus, Blue Mail Media’s email databases allow you to fetch more business opportunities and boost ROI.

The team updates our database every 3 months using different manual and automated verification processes. So, no more pursuing outdated contacts and wasting time! Strengthen your email ROI by reaching high-level executives with validated contact data.

In Conclusion

Email marketing will remain among the top strategies for attracting prospects and brand promotion. The market will cross 17 million by 2027, and readers might be drawn toward better email content.

Marketers must focus on delivering personalized and mobile-optimized emails. It’ll help boost email marketing ROI, lead generation, and client loyalty. ROI will be the key metric for email marketing, as tracking and analyzing returns is convenient.

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