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Businesses Are Queuing To Modernize B2B Infrastructure

  • May 12, 2016
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Businesses Are Queuing To Modernize B2B Infrastructure

75% of Businesses Are Queuing To Modernize B2B Infrastructure With Revolutionary Initiatives

A survey across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific with  450 senior IT decision makers revealed that up to 75% of the organizations were optimizing the IT infrastructure to meet the challenges presented by the digital economy. The upgrades are also part of the process aimed at making the process compliant with recent regulatory changes.

The vendors’ plays vital role in the full-scale incorporation of the new framework for organizations business functions.

The convergence of holistic approach and digitalization will propel the new business models. Although companies have openly embraced many digital marketing initiatives, it is still yonder away from a fuller realization of potential.

A lump of organizations continues to rely on aging B2B integration gateways to support existing businesses initiatives. Some that is older than seven years and without API management.

Transaction failures and Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations can leave a critical impact on businesses.

  • 71% of the respondents acknowledged that compliance with regulations posed a greater challenge.
  • 67% opined that dipping revenue as leading factor for inability to address the challenges.
  • Moreover, 64 % organizations are currently using API to counter the integration challenges within the traditional strategies to improve the experience at every customer touch point.
  • Over 50% correspondents agree that there is still a significant disconnect within the EDI of the old norms. Thus, highlighting the need for API. The typical concerns revolve around end-to-end visibility, non-compliance with regulations and poor integration with the backend system.

Organizations that cultivate the use of EDI and API will eventually evolve to prosper as leaders. Although the fundamental question as to ‘why’ is addressed in many resources on the internet, less is known about how the transformation can be implemented.

Organizations can churn revenues by the inclusion of the integrated approach. It helps to capitalize on the revenue generation strategies by reaching out to customers in a brand-new manner. All this, without threatening the integrity of the security and regulatory compliances.

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