16 Ways To Market On Facebook [Infographic]

16 ways to market on Facebook [Infographic]
Marketing on Facebook

16 Ways To Market On Facebook. Are you Doing It Right?

  1. • Your profile information must be precise
  2. • Facebook insight is a gauge to measure performance
  3. • Don’t undervalue the purpose of writing back
  4. • It is a bad practice to exaggerate sales pitch
  5. • Regularly moderate negative comments and spam contents on your profile
  6. • Prioritize user engagements over likes
  7. • Don’t forget to pin the best stories
  8. • Fleeting content will draw the audience’s attention. But, too little is unimpressive
  9. • Say no to colossal posts. It can make readers tiresome
  10. • Page apps are a waste of time and money
  11. • Cross examine the quality of posts to determine their usefulness to your page subscribers
  12. • Choosing a cover photo for your page? First, understand the rules to make right choices
  13. • It is a shoddy practice to auto post from Twitter
  14. • Do not waste dollars on purchasing bulk likes
  15. • The content and a tool updates must be relevant and up to date
  16. • Invest on visual improvisations such as graphical contents
Lance Rogers, Consultant