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5 Ways to Blog for B2B Marketing

  • Jun 08, 2016
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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5 Ways to Blog for B2B Marketing

Blogging is all about what you do, what you do not do, and what you wish you had done when you did it. Blogging is an influential B2B Marketing tool. Through blogging, you can focus on a particular subject matter for accuracy.

So, if you aren’t blogging at present, this is the time you should go ahead. Blogging comes up with plenty of good reasons to upkeep the spirit of B2B Marketing: It’s the idealistic means for SEO because,

  • Google loves blog content,
  • Posting on Blog is quick and easy
  • Ideal for sharing in other channels, and
  • Blog is a proven way to get connected with relevant prospects
  • Can convert more customers.

Here come a few quick blogging ideas to get started:

1. Focus on your customers’ want

Before discussing on this, we should bring an old dictum to light “remember your audience.”

It’s true when it comes to blogging.

While blogging, you have only a few paragraphs that play the best means to draw the attention of your audience. So, your blog content should be well-focused and relevant.

Bring your post into line with one/two specific ideas that are pertinent to the reader but at the same time, offer practical recommendations.

Connect to other relevant resources on your site at the same time you should be connected to 3rd sources.

2. Stick to your brand

Whatever your blog posts, whether come from the CEO, subject matter experts, marketing team or a guest post, construe your brand’s voice proficiently and then adhere to it. Your bloggers are not permanent as they may come and go, but as long as your posts stay authentic to your brand you are at the safe side.

3. A call to action- a must

Your blog is one of the best fast ways to get customers to opt-in. So when you have your readers’ attention, make certain you invite them for a subscription. There are several efficient tools endowed with productive solutions just as, you can use a tool like Feedburner for a simple solution. But for getting acquainted with how to integrate your blog into your marketing automation tool, always take the advice of experts and abide by the best practices.

Always keep in mind that, the ultimate objective of a marketing blog isn’t simply to share your expertise; rather it is for lead-generation.

4. Scheduled posts

If you have few posts, then you can get started with blogging. Initially, start with 3-4 posts per month. Go for a tool like WordPress to schedule your posts in advance. You shouldn’t send them all instantaneously but sort them out and cross promote them on your home page, emails, and twitter feed. You can do blogging in real time too, but go for scheduling that makes sure a dependable stream and allows you to post more competently.

5. Analytics works

Analytics provides you with the insights that make Blogging so useful. Set up a tool like Google Analytics to track the categories, tags or posts that are getting connected with your audience and then devote effort to those particular subjects in your content plan.

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