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An In-Depth Look into Developing the Perfect Real Estate B2B Marketing Campaign

  • Jun 30, 2022
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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developing a successful b2b marketing strategy

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic stirred up some trouble for the b2b real estate market. But since then, the adoption of new technological trends and a recovering economy have put the real estate market back on its feet.

Real estate agents are back with people having recovered from the pandemic. But the current real estate landscape demands you to have your marketing basics intact to build awareness and close deals as quickly as possible.

In fact, a recent NAR study also states that 73% of its participants interviewed only one real estate agent before finalizing the deal. Hence, you must have creative marketing ideas up your sleeve to wow clients and eventually woo them.

Here are some top real estate B2B marketing ideas you can leverage to boost ROI.

Top Strategies You Can Leverage to Watch Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts Soar

Here are some of the best real estate B2B marketing tips and ideas you can leverage in the current state of the market.

#1. Time to Leverage Software and Tools

In this technology-driven area, staying away from the current real estate technology trends and software tools is a downward spiral. You must stay updated with all real estate B2B marketing industry trends and build your ecosystem around the right choice of commercial real estate tools.

The use of marketing tools increases the number of prospects you interact with. This can come in handy and improve conversion rates significantly since 93% of real estate customers start their hunt for prospects online.

Your marketing stack must introduce your campaign to automation practices across contact management, listing presentations, email marketing, etc.

Although you must perform adequate research before adopting these tools, changing platforms will result in a loss of time and resources. Moreover, the transition is going to affect productivity significantly.

#2. Use Commercial Real Estate Portals to Add Your Listings Online

If you want to hit your target b2b audience, commercial real estate portal listings are a great place to start. These are effective ways to market your properties since relevant target audiences will view these listings.

As a result, your property might be right in their ballpark, garnering significant attention. You can use commercial real estate listing sites such as LoopNet and Costar to gather leads and push your properties toward a sale.

#3. Keep Nurturing Your B2B Audience with Content That Adds Value

It isn’t just garnering new attention that should top your priority list but also taking care of your old contacts. The only way to make real estate synonymous with your name is if you keep offering them timely, useful content. That is one of the primary tactics you can leverage to stay on top of your future prospects’ minds.

The key to successful real estate B2B marketing is that you need to keep nurturing these contacts with valuable content till they eventually interact with you.

That is where real estate companies usually falter. You shouldn’t just be making noise in your marketing campaign. You need to grab your audience’s attention and keep them entertained while addressing their concerns through market studies, blog posts, videos, etc.

#4. Release Press Releases Regularly

Real estate B2B marketing is all about contacts, and press releases happen to be one of the best ways to connect with b2b clients. Research the heads of commercial real estate from publications you hope to target.

Sending the right content to the right prospects at the right time will get you the desired response. And just like this, start building your contacts among journalists and influencers.

These contacts will save you colossal amounts of PR agency fees in the long run. There is a chance that your press releases might not hit the ground running. But keep sending them out, and they will garner attention.

Remember that once you cement your relationships with these influencers and journalists, they can easily spread your name.

#5. Introduce Virtual Staging

Instead of the traditional staging of commercial properties, you can now go the other way and opt for virtual staging. But what is virtual staging? Well, this technique uses real estate photos, digitally enhancement processes and renders a true-to-life staged room.

This gives potential buyers what the space would look like once it is ready, pushing them further towards a purchase. In fact, a recent survey also concludes that 80% of its participants agree that virtual staging makes it significantly easier to visualize the property as their respective future dwellings.

#6. Pay Attention to Remarketing

Remarketing practices are something quite a few real estate agencies don’t pay much heed to. This is because they don’t realize that remarketing is far more than just display advertising. It also relies on targeted advertising based on website cookies.

Every time someone visits your website, a cookie is dropped on their device. You can leverage this to show the relevant ads while surfing the internet. This practice aims to stay on top of their minds so that your name pops up whenever they think about real estate.

In fact, only  2% of visitors become clients upon their first visit to your website. Retargeting is designed to obtain maximum conversions from the other 98%.

#7. Make Your Presence Felt at Industry Conferences and Events

Visiting commercial real estate events is the perfect opportunity to put your name out in the real estate world. You can conduct seminars, generate leads, build relationships, obtain exclusive knowledge about upcoming industry trends, etc. Latest statistics show prospects trust decision makers from the real estate industry who are actively involved in business conferences, webinars, seminars, and so on.

Make sure you build as many value-based contacts as you can in the short amount of time you are at the conference.

#8. Say Hello to Drone Photography

With access to a wide range of technology, real estate agents have boundless options when it comes to deciding the aesthetic of their property pictures. If you really want to get ahead of your competition, time to bring out the big guns. To put things into perspective, around 83% of sellers prefer a real estate agent who uses drones.

Drone photography will show your property and its surroundings in a new light. Moreover, you can also use the drone to create video walkthroughs showcasing some of the best parts of the property.

In fact, a certain survey concludes that agents using drones to shoot their property saw a 73% increase in listings.

Wrapping Up

The current state of real estate B2B marketing requires you to be on top of your marketing game. As a real estate agent, you must know precisely who your offerings cater to and cater to them accordingly.

Give in to their specific whims and needs, and personalize their buyer journey for a successful conversion and higher ROI at the end of the road.

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