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Blue Mail Media assist a Metal Detective Company in Increasing Sales in Record Time

Meet the Client

The client is a metal detection technology company with expertise in manufacturing various metal detectors. Their primary aim was to help people achieve complete safety and security in various industries. It has now expanded into helping the archive industry so that lesser disruptions are caused owing to excavation. They started as a small team of about 6 members. They have now grown into a major organization spanning several locations and franchises. In fact, they have branches globally.

Phase – 1


The client required an email list with particular fields and filters to sell their services and equipment. Namely, restaurants with SIC codes 5812 and 5813 in states such as California, New York, Florida, and Texas. In particular, they wanted to contact executive chefs, chefs, owners, presidents, partners, managing directors, general managers, and other top-level executives at these restaurants.

However, with so many people contending for the attention of the executives in the restaurant industry, the client found it challenging to get in touch with the right decision-making personnel.


We quickly recognized their issue and delivered a clean, appended, updated, and ethically sourced mailing database of over 30,000 contacts. We also segmented the entire list accurately according to the description of the restaurant, website URL, contact name, job title, email, phone number, postal address, city, ZIP code, state, country, SIC, and NAICS.

This allowed the marketing and sales team at the client firm to create better-targeted marketing schemes based on the different segmentations. Moreover, the client could save a lot of time and resources they would have otherwise spent on curating entire databases for their marketing efforts.

Furthermore, they initiated multichannel marketing efforts across telephone, email, postal mail, and even text messages. This allowed them to realize the power of combing a pre-made mailing list with an extremely well-planned marketing strategy.

Final result

Within a few short months, they saw unexpected results. The client ultimately reached the key decision-makers within the restaurant industry, therefore catapulting their efforts into the stratosphere.

They now had all of the primary resources for a successful marketing campaign. By combining that with the genius ideas of their marketing team, they were able to acquire the following results:

  • Smoother implementation of their campaigns across channels.
  • A fantastic open rate of over 95%.
  • 7x more brand awareness than usual.
  • A tremendous 300% rise in marketing returns.

A robust sales funnel enabled the company to generate an unprecedented number of leads. Furthermore, they saw a stable but immense increase in ROI and brand awareness. Owing to our mailing list, they could reach the right people in their desired regions of the country and the industry they had targeted.

Why Us?

11+ Years of Industry Expertise

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11 Years of Industry Expertise

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8+ Million Verification Emails

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