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Increase Your Sales Productivity with Direct Dial

  • Apr 16, 2020
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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Communication with the customers are vital for any organization to succeed. Direct Dial numbers ensure the same by letting you have a comprehensive, productive, and prompt interaction with potential clients. To sum it up, direct dials have numerous benefits for sales executives striving to reach the higher-level decision-makers and pitch their products.

This Infographic highlights those benefits and explains the importance of reaching out to the prospects directly.

Increase Your Sales Productivity with Direct DialInfographic Content:

Direct dials allow an organization to directly reach an extension of a customer’s office without the assistance of an automated attendant or a receptionist.

Why Opt for Direct Phone Numbers?

Connection Timing

  • Direct Dials – 5 Minutes
  • Switchboard – 22 Minutes

Time to Dial

  • Direct Dials – 45 seconds
  • Switchboard – 80 seconds

Dials to Connect

  • Direct Dials – 12 dials per prospect
  • Switchboard – 20 dials per prospect

Impact of Direct Dial on Sales Performance:

  • Improves sales efficiency by 375%
  • Reduces the cost of lead acquisition by 150%
  • Overall sales expenditure is reduced by 22%

“At the director level, the direct dial numbers make your reps 47% more likely to connect, and at the VP level, it makes your reps 145% more likely to connect.”

Other Benefits of Business Direct Dials:

  1. Saves time and improves sales efficiency
  2. Enables direct interaction with the prospects
  3. Cuts the cost of making numerous calls
  4. Provides an interface for inter-communication
  5. Instills personal component to the promotion
  6. Offers close access and faster service to the audience

Be sure to use direct dials in your business and effectively reach prospects.


Source: FunnelClarity, Ringio

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