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5 Tech Innovations that Elevate Your B2B Email Marketing Strategy

  • Mar 11, 2020
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5 Tech Innovations that Elevate Your B2B Email Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a way to uplift your business above buying and selling. It is a relationship developed between the company and its clients to manifest a relation that yield profits, value and satisfaction. Starting from understanding the need of a customer to giving final satisfaction, it lasts long. Marketing can be of many kinds. From social media marketing to email marketing, there are plenty of ways to reach out to the clients in the right manner.

With passing time, Email marketing has become one serious part of strategy building. It helps in boosting B2B marketing. In B2C, the focus is on consumer while in B2B, the primary focus is on business and its promising growth.

Below are the five focal techniques that can elevate your B2B marketing strategy to the next level:

1. Personalization and Segmentation:

To give a personalized tone, it is important to attend to the requirements separately. Some important questions are to be kept in mind while working on a strategy. Such as:

– What does the email contain?
– How is it related to the individual?
– How should the email be like, lengthy or short; formal or casual?

Personalization and reaching out to the right person are the keynotes for effective email marketing strategy. To maximize the results and engage the clients, it’s very important to send the relevant email to each individual as to get a favorable response. Therefore, segmentation plays an important part in the run of a right strategy.

For example: Sending relevant email is the key function. A 21 year old will not look for an insurance scheme but will definitely be keen in buying a travel scheme. Henceforth, targeting the audience correctly.

Also, give importance to subject line. The main focus that falls while reading an email is on subject line i.e. it should be such that one wishes to read the email. Keeping the target audience involved is the key to have them engaged. If mentioned the first name of the person, it is surely going to engage the individual in opening it.

For instance: Dear Alex… (This will bring the attention of the reader to open the email)

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Customer Relationship Management is one of the most favorable techniques for email marketing strategy for B2B. As the name suggests so, CRM gives a deep overview of the interests of the customer, depending on which the marketer can make further communication in the similar interest.

Customer Relationship Management

Image source: vtiger.com

CRM has the potential to elevate the level of marketing with due understanding of the customer and expectations, blending marketing strategies, metrics, email marketing and planning all under one roof.

For example: Giving 24/7 assistance or annual services can build a relationship of commitment between the customer and marketer.

3. Artificial Intelligence:

AI or Artificial Intelligence has major scope as it gives a recorded data of the past responses of the customer depending on the choice and preferences. It saves time, gives appropriate data as to what the customer wants and what kind of email marketing strategy will engage them.

AI can aid in understanding the requirements of the client depending on recorded details.

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4. Brand Awareness: 

To gain the trust of your customer, educate him about the product and its benefits. Engaging clients to learn about the product/service will attract them for longer period of time. Business is an art and direct selling might not build a relationship between the marketer and customer. Instead engaging the client will link the marketer and the final user instantly.

5. Go for “Triggered Emails”:  

Once in a while email strategy will not yield desired outcome. To receive a recurring response, go for triggering emails that are innovative without creating monotony. Like “welcome emails, acknowledgement emails or order confirmation emails”, are all a part of marketing strategy by triggering the pattern in different ways for same cause.

The open rate of the normal email is comparatively very low than triggering mails as they eventually get noticed due to frequent attempts.


Email marketing strategy is a very famous technique however, gone are the days when same email was sent to millions of people. Its time where customer looks for personalization and self-interest. To engage the audience, the marketers need to inculcate the above mentioned tech innovations in the marketing strategies to take the outcome to the next level.

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