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4 Expert Tips for Closing Tough B2B Sales

  • Nov 09, 2017
  • Posted By: Robert Duke
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4 Expert Tips for Closing Tough B2B Sales

They are demanding, pushy, and sometimes intimidating enough to test your patience!

Selling to such hard to please prospects comes as a complex challenge for every B2B salesperson. But, as your every customer holds an opportunity of becoming a qualified lead; you cannot escape dealing with them.

As per experts, ‘Precision in response’ is the only solution to the problem as though such targets are tough to close in B2B sales; they can turn to be your best and long-termed customers when tackled with the right persuasive approach. Here I have summed up four insider tips to win such tough customers as your most qualified leads:

1. Reach Them Directly, In-person:

Closing-up a lead over the phone or through email has been a conventionally unarguable practice for most of the salespeople. However, when it comes to dealing with prospects that are more demanding and less patient; a face-to-face conversation works better.

Before making any purchase-decision, these prospects look for credibility as the supreme requirement. Giving them an option of in-person interaction gives you an opportunity to establish the credibility of your services in front of them.

So, say ‘yes’ to direct meetings, do some research on what the client needs, define your services as per his requirements, and you have won a qualified lead.

2. Stay More Precise with ‘What you Offer?’

Be it an easy or difficult client; it’s the value of your services and products that turns a potential prospect into a buyer and a buyer into a long-termed customer of your brand. But when it comes to a tough prospect, the question might haunt the sales of your business more if you fail in coming up with the most reliable answers.

Thus, do some homework on both – the client’s objectives and the value your business can create for him. Be prepared with quick and relevant responses. Once you have done it right, turning him into lead won’t be a tough task.

3. Be Firm with your Pricing:

A tough prospect will always try to push down your premium prices. To be contrary, many successful B2B businesses are those who never compromise with their pricing.

The fact behind the scenario is that quality leads never bother about prices; instead, they opt for services that provide value to their businesses. This is the reason that most of the established business-to-business brands deny to lower their prices and stay adamant with their prime costings.

4. Listen ‘More’ to the Customer:

This is a much obvious step in dealing with any customer for generating B2B leads, but the emphasis goes more when you have to deal with a tough one. As these customers are more particular and demanding about what they look for; you need to get yourself clear with what exactly is going into their heads –

  • Why have they shown interest in your business?
  • What value proposition are they seeking for?
  • What are their challenges?

Let them talk all about their business and once you have got a satisfactory perspective, prove them the credibility of your business to their needs.

Winning those tough customers can be tricky, but if you approach right, they can become your long-termed quality customers.

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